Mississippi: Six killed in tornado

The weather is currently dangerous in parts of the USA, in the US state of Mississippi a tornado has cost several lives. There were also power outages.

A massive tornado has killed at least six people in Mississippi. The civil protection of the southern state announced on Sunday evening on Twitter. No further details were known at first.

The national weather authority NOAA had previously warned in the late afternoon of possible wind speeds of up to 330 kilometers per hour. It is an “exceptionally rare event,” it said.

Large hailstones

There were tornado warnings late in the evening for parts of the neighboring states of Alabama and Tennessee. There, single gusts of wind could reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. In some cases, heavy hail can also be expected, it said. According to the weather authority, hailstones could have a diameter of up to five centimeters.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey had previously declared the emergency. The storms are expected to spread to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in the southeast.

Other states in the south of the USA According to media reports, severe storms affected the day. A tornado had already been confirmed in Texas in the morning. In the state of Louisiana, violent storms reportedly damaged or destroyed around 300 homes. Tens of thousands of households in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were temporarily without electricity. Further storms are also expected in large parts of the USA for Easter Monday.


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