Missions in question for Moutier Hospital

Moutier Hospital is at the heart of a new controversy in connection with the transfer of the city to the canton of Jura. The Jura hospital list for 2023-2030 plans to assign only five missions to the Provost hospital – which now belongs to the private group SMN – against 25 currently, according to an information revealed Friday evening by the RTS. Problem: the canton of Jura had undertaken to resume all activities. The document is put out for consultation until Friday. The Jura Minister of Health acknowledges that the Jura list does not include, as it stands, all the activities carried out today at Moutier Hospital, but he wishes to qualify. Jacques Gerber notes that the five missions selected include the basic services of a regional hospital and that the viability of the establishment will be guaranteed, as well as jobs. Jacques Gerber also says he is “totally open to discussion” and “ready to review certain decisions based on new information that may reach us”. He also denies wanting to protect the Jura Hospital from a private group, in this case Swiss Medial Network.

On the side of the operator – namely the Swiss Medical Network group – the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moutier Hospital speaks of a “monumental blunder”. Anthony Picard hopes that the situation can be rectified at the end of the consultation:

Moutier Hospital also believes that the Jura hospital list, as it stands, would put the future of the establishment at risk. Jacques Gerber specifies that the document does not constitute an authorization or not to deliver a service, even if this provides an advantage in terms of pricing. As for the sustainability of the Prévôtois site, the Jura Minister repeats that “the five services selected today, in particular the basic package, already represent the very, very large part of the services offered on the Moutier site”. Jacques Gerber is waiting to be able to discuss with the operator his analysis which consists in saying that the future of Moutier Hospital would be in danger:

The Jura hospital list is therefore put out for consultation and will be in force from the beginning of 2023. / fco

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