Missing person in Salangselva – NRK Troms and Finnmark – Local news, TV and radio

– The missing person was located by the air ambulance and picked up by the Salangselva. The woman in her 20s has now been transported to the hospital by air ambulance, says operations manager Eirik Kileng at Trom’s police district.

It was just before 9pm on Sunday evening that police were notified that a person was missing.

Two women in their 20s bathed on a floating animal that toppled over in the swampy river.

One woman came ashore and contacted a neighboring house asking for help.

Air ambulance was sent to the site from both Tromsø and Evenes. Divers have also helped to search for the person.

– The woman who fell in the river was shortly afterwards located by the air ambulance. They found her on the bottom of Kistefossen, an 11 meter high waterfall in the Salangselva, says Kileng.

First aid was implemented on site.

The woman who came ashore should not be hurt, but in shock. She and other relatives are now being looked after by health professionals.

The river flows through Salangen and Bardu municipalities in Troms.

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