Missing man found dead in Bergeijk ditch, possibly crashed with motorcycle

A deceased man was found in a ditch on Diepveldenweg in Bergeijk on Monday evening. According to the police, it is a 21-year-old man from Hapert. The man has been missing since Sunday.

It appears to be a fatal accident, according to the police, who are conducting further investigations on Diepveldenweg on Monday evening. The road is not closed to traffic.

The man may have crashed with his motorcycle, which was found near the location of the body. According to a 112 correspondent, the 21-year-old missing person was eventually found by family during a search. Police believe no one else was involved in the accident for the time being.

Deep trench
The ditch in which the man was found is about two meters deep, a 112 correspondent reported. The ditch is also overgrown, so that the motorcycle and the man were barely visible from the road. The man has been sought since Sunday, because there had been no contact with him for some time.

The Diepveldenweg has not been completed for long, it was inaugurated on 14 April.

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