Missiles hit US military base in Syria


DAMASCUS Military base United States of America (USA) in Al-Tanf, southern Homs province Syria , was reportedly attacked by missile or drone . There were no casualties in the attack and US Central Command blamed Iran-backed militias for the attack.

Reports of the attack surfaced online around 10 p.m. local time on Wednesday. Initially reports mentioned “suicide drones” and several planes. A CENTCOM military official later told Sky News Arabia that the base was the target of a missile attack and there were no casualties.

“Initial assessment suspects (the perpetrators of the attack) of Iranian-backed militias, but investigations are ongoing,” the official added Russia Today, Thursday (10/21/2021).

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Other reports claim several drones targeted the base, from the direction of the Iraq-Syria border. There have also been reports of warplanes striking targets in the surrounding desert, but those appear to be US fighter jets carrying out surprise attacks in retaliation.

Another unconfirmed report said that the militia contacted the US-led Coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and warned of an impending attack, prompting the evacuation of the base.

U.S. military base at Al-Tanf was founded in 2016, to train moderate rebels against the government in Damascus. Around 200 US troops are reportedly deployed there, in support of the Revolutionary Command Army (Maghawir al-Thawra) militant group.

The Rukban refugee camp is also located in an area bordering Iraq and Jordan. Syria has condemned all US troop presence on its territory as an illegal act of aggression.

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