Missile and UAV Attacks: Russian Invaders Target Kiev with Deadly Force

“Missile launches were carried out from Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Caspian region, probably by cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type. Simultaneously, UAVs attacked Kiev from different directions, according to preliminary data, Shahed loitering ammunition,” the KGVA statement says.

According to preliminary information, more than 30 air targets of various types were detected and destroyed in the airspace over Kiev and around Kyiv by air defense forces and means. It is reported that there is no information about the destruction and casualties.

Rocket strikes by invaders on Kyiv

In recent weeks, Russian troops have significantly increased their strikes on Kyiv using various types of missiles and UAVs. So, last night the invaders attacked Kyiv with Iskander cruise and ballistic missiles.

The Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed all the missiles, but their fragments fell on the roadway in the Dniprovsky district and near the clinic in the Desnyansky district.

As a result of the fall of fragments of Russian missiles in the Desnyansky district, three people died – two women and a child. At the time of the fall of the wreckage, they were near the shelter, because the clinic was closed. Because of this incident, the police have already filed a criminal case.

2023-06-02 02:02:11

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