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Miss Snusk plays in Vimmerby – the streets are closed for ten hours

It was in February 2023 that the hit artist Ms. Snusk visited the Kharma nightclub in central Vimmerby. On the advice of the police, Vimmerby municipality chose to close both Drottninggatan and Kampgatan.

It quickly became national news that the evening papers picked up. The main character liked the attention.

– It’s unbelievable! There can usually be a bit of Miss Snusk chaos in the cities we come to. When you play in bigger cities, it’s not the typical raggars who are there, but in smaller places, like Vimmerby, everyone knows the songs by heart, Ms. Snusk told Vimmerby Tidning before the gig.

On Saturday, the secret artist, who always appears in a pink balaclava, comes to Kharma again.

When Vimmerby Tidning calls the municipality’s street manager Roger Lindell on Thursday afternoon, he tells him that Drottninggatan and Kampgatan will be closed on Saturday evening.

– The idea is that the streets will be closed in the same way as last year.

How have you reasoned?

– The request has come from the police, to avoid traffic problems during the evening and night. The consequent question has been who will take care of the shutdown and pay for the work. The deal we are trying to get together is that we, from the municipality’s side, pick up signs and cones, while the police do the necessary work on Saturday. Among other things, we need to nail down such details before everything is ready, says Roger Lindell.

He adds:

– Since we no longer have any winter preparedness, it is difficult for us to send in extra staff on the weekend, considering working hours rules, weekly rests and so on. It is important that we maintain the staffing and can have it ready for other things.

Do you see any downside to closing off two central streets in this way?

– It is not an obvious decision, because it prevents the public from moving freely. But safety is still more important than being able to drive quickly through Drottninggatan. Here in Vimmerby, there won’t be such long detours. It worked well last year without any complaints.

Miss Snusk broke through in 2022 and was recently in Melodifestivalen, where she missed the final by just one point. Her most famous song is “Ride mig som en dalehäst” – which has 72 million plays on Spotify.

UPDATE: On Friday morning, Vimmerby municipality confirms on its website that Drottninggatan and Kampgatan will be closed from 17:30 on Saturday evening until 04:00 on Sunday.

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