Miss Bulgaria Ivayla Bakalova and Businessman Valentin Zlatev questioned in “Barcelonagate” case

I know enough about this case, announced Bakalova

She was threatened, but she doesn’t want security

Miss Bulgaria 2001 Ivayla Bakalova and businessman Valentin Zlatev appeared at the prosecutor’s office for questioning as witnesses in the “Barcelonagate” case. He is being investigated for money laundering, and on Tuesday the supervising prosecutors proposed to Ivan Geshev to request the immunity of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov because of sufficient evidence that he committed a crime.

The Spanish media “El Periodico” wrote about the house in Barcelona in an investigation at the beginning of 2020, when Borisov was prime minister for the third time. It was then claimed that the model Borislava Yovcheva and her child from Borisov live in the property. The GERB leader denies having anything to do with both the property and the woman and child.

Later, an investigation into the case began in the now-closed specialized prosecutor’s office after exchanging information with Spain and other countries. Borisov was questioned on May 22, a week before the proposal to remove his immunity.

On Wednesday at 12 noon, Ivayla Bakalova entered the prosecutor’s office for questioning.

I know enough about this case. Many people know but are afraid to speak. The case study is obvious for the whole of Bulgaria. The prosecutor’s office was sleeping until now, I’m happy that it finally woke up. I’ve had threats on my life, but I’m not worried, I don’t want security, Bakalova said before her interrogation at the prosecutor’s office. He added that he has not been in the focus of public space for a long time.

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Already 2 years ago, in an interview with the Anti-Corruption Fund (AKF), she spoke briefly about the house.

I helped Borislava Yovcheva. This is the girl who is rumored to own the house in Barcelona and that our Prime Minister is having an affair with her and bought the house from her. In November 2019, a friend called me to help a friend of hers who wanted to move with her child. I knew who that girl was.

We never wanted to harm Borissov and overthrow him from power

We don’t care. I helped as much as I could, I don’t care about people’s personal relationships. I am commenting

it, because it is a kind of family for Borisov, although he denies it. My family has been in custody for 7 months on ridiculous chargesBakalova said then. The interview 2 years ago was about an investigation by the ACF about the cases against the man next to her, Veselin Denkov. He was charged in several cases after his participation in the anti-government protests in 2020. One of them is for inciting the murder of Stanka Marangozova, which was returned by the Military Court to the Prosecutor’s Office due to shortcomings in the prosecution and investigation. The other is about the extortion of the same woman, which was returned several times by the court of the prosecution.

The third is for involvement in a loan sharking ring that began with an investigation into paying protesters, but there are no such charges in the case now.

I haven’t been in the media life for a long time. And there were a lot of false accusations around us, which are cleared and it is proven in court that there is no such thing, Bakalova said before her interrogation at the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. She stayed in the investigators’ office for an hour and a half and left without comment.

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While Bakalova was testifying, the former executive director of Lukoil, Valentin Zlatev, also entered the building for questioning.

I had to give answers as a witness in a re-emerging case, and I did so within my competenceexplained Zlatev.

When asked if his former subordinate Alexander Chaushev has money to buy the property in Barcelona, ​​Zlatev replied that

he doesn’t believe rumors and the law forbids him to leak information

from pending pre-trial proceedings.

The house in Barselova has already been sold. It was previously owned by Alexander Chaushev, who worked at Lukoil 18 years ago.

I have never lived there, businessman Alexander Chaushev commented to “24 Chasa” in February 2020.

Then he explained that Yovcheva was a tenant, but he did not know her personally. Their relationship was through an intermediary brokerage firm. Chaushev bought the property for 3 million euros as an investment.

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