Mislata will have specialties care again from Monday

As this newspaper published exclusively last Thursday, the Manises Hospital manager decided to temporarily transfer the outpatient consultations of the Mislata center, during July and August, to the Manisero hospital complex itself and to the Aldaia specialty center, such as residents of the municipality reported and this newspaper was able to confirm through various sources.

In addition, during Thursday and Friday of this week, Levante-EMV has been able to directly verify that there was no activity in the Mislata specialty center, with the admission office closed, with tapes that prohibited access to the different floors where the outpatient consultations (up to 9 pm) and with a sign informing about the temporary transfer during the summer.

Breast cancer prevention

During the day yesterday, official sources of the concessionaire, in collusion with those of the Conselleria de Sanitat, maintained the version that the military complex maintained its service, although it is about units such as the prevention of breast cancer or the care for minors with disabilities, not included as external consultants.

In this sense, they advanced that there would be activity on Monday and that patients are being summoned again so that their visits are in the center of Mislata, although they pointed out that assistance may be provided “some days yes and others not”, but guarantee the service, whether in Manises, Aldaia or Mislata.

As this newspaper has learned, the administrative staff of the management company will call or send SMS to a thousand patients to receive their visit in the center of the Military Hospital, after having been referred these weeks to the other two facilities .

In principle, the intention is to reactivate specialties such as Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Maxillofacial or Endocrinology, mainly because they do not require nursing personnel, which is the one assigned to vaccination, an aspect that the manager considers “a priority” in the current situation .

For his part, Mayor Mislata Carlos F. Bielsa affirms that the “objective has been achieved” since “the Manises private concession is reversing and the Mislata specialty center will attend inquiries again from next Monday.” We are satisfied with the decision, we appreciate the understanding of the concessionaire and the department and of course we will monitor that the measure is complied with “. The mayor warns that “we are not going to tolerate, under any circumstances, more grievances to the citizens of Mislata. We want decent healthcare, “he adds.



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