Miscellaneous – Justice | He says he strangled her to stop the argument

1is October 2019, the police services are required for acts of violence on the public highway in Uckange. Officials discover a woman in tears, terrified. Her husband allegedly tried to force her into his vehicle, causing her in the process a sprained wrist and a three-day ITT.

Tuesday, at the hearing of the Thionville Criminal Court, we learn that this is not the first time that the wife has suffered violence from her husband, since a complaint to this effect had already been filed in June 2019. She had assured to have been taken by the throat and pushed violently against the library, the whole under the eyes of their young boy. Since then, she had left the marital home to take refuge with her mother.

“She is lying,” the 25-year-old defendant persists in asserting. “There has never been violence, just arguments”, he does not budge. “Finally, there were still lesions, especially on the wrist, which were noted …”, the president pointed out.

“Lack of awareness”

The lawyer for his wife believes that he “minimizes the way the facts happened. When he is told that he was strangling his wife, he replies that it was to stop the argument… ”According to the civil party’s counsel, it is because the latest acts of violence took place in the presence of their child “that she decided to react. As much as she was able to endure an anxiety-provoking climate and the fits of anger of her spouse, but not that her son bears the cost. “

“We are here in the absence of awareness,” adds the representative of the prosecution. “The victim still says he saw himself die! “, He adds, denouncing” daily violence, physical but also psychological and verbal. As soon as something goes wrong, he goes up the towers. “

As for the defense of the accused, we put this violence into perspective. “A grip on the wrist to hold Madam, it is not a punch in the face either …”, tries his lawyer, arguing that since the establishment of judicial control against his client, “relations calmed down. “

The court was not really convinced of this and sentenced the abusive husband to a 12-month prison term with probationary suspension for two years. He is also notified of a ban on appearing at his ex’s home, and the obligation to follow a course on domestic violence. He must also award him the sum of € 1,200 for the suffering endured.

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