Miscellaneous facts. A fake police officer arrested for checking motorists

On September 24, an “unmarked” car equipped with a blue rotating beacon ordered a motorist driving in Thionville to stop on the side. A man comes out, introduces himself as a plainclothes policeman, and checks the vehicle and driver’s papers. He then lectures him without verbalizing it but threatening to do so at the next prank.

A security guard who passes by is intrigued by the “police” vehicle first and by the behavior of the “police officer”, then, which does not appear to him to be legal. He observes the scene from a distance, approaches a little, then, convinced that there is something abnormal, calls the Thionville police station which confirms to him that it is indeed an impostor.

“Fed up with offenders”

Thanks to the description given by the witness who took care to note the make of the vehicle and the license plate number, the investigation quickly moved towards a man in his forties, already known to the police for old crimes. and inhabitant of Thionville.

On October 2, the bogus policeman was arrested at his home and placed in police custody where he admitted the facts. He says he was fed up with traffic offenders and wanted to do justice himself. His motivation was to lecture them in order to encourage them to behave better at the wheel. The fake policeman was not his first attempt. His beacon confiscated, he was tried and sentenced to follow a citizenship course.

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