Miroslav Etzler: I don’t play anything, I have something. I am not paid for vaccination fees and I refuse to smoke before joining the ICU

Miroslav Etzler rejects criticism from some people. After being coronavirus infection hospitalized in a hospital in Česká Lípa on pulmonary ventilation, he began to advertise on his Instagram vaccination. But some people give him his illness they do not believe and he thinks he’s playing it and that he’s in favor of vaccinating paid. “For the last time, I would like to defend myself against the attacks that I am paid for these stories! I won’t defend myself, but it’s really too much, “ he said from the hospital bed.

An actor and drummer who is known, for example, for performing in series Happiness Insurance Company, Surgery in the rose garden 2 a Gendarmerie humor or from a movie Cunning Filip, Bestiary whose Edges, was hospitalized more than a week ago in the covid ward at the hospital in Česká Lípa.

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“I had a strong covid attack associated with bilateral pneumonia. I’m on oxygen and I guess more than I know the future. “ he told his followers at the time, saying that he did not get vaccinated. That he was a “denier” of the vaccine, however refused. “Never, I repeat, have not been vaccinated by the refuse. I just put it off very stupidly and I consider that a gross bad mistake. (…) Not getting vaccinated was a huge mistake. Please, if you can, do it. “ appealed to Instagram.

Since then, Etzler has added several posts on Instagram calling for vaccination. However, some people who started spreading about him did not like his efforts untruths. Etzler refuses to allow anyone to vaccinate him for his promotion paid as he allegedly learned recently.

“For the last time, I would like to defend myself against the attacks that I am paid for these stories! That my condition is acting. And now a new outrage has emerged that I may have smoked before joining JiP. I won’t defend myself, but it’s really too much, “ the actor stated in a post about a photo with an oxygen mask, on which he looks tired.

He is said to be glad that, even as unvaccinated, he was received at the hospital in Česká Lípa the way he was received. With doctors and staff satisfied. He rose above the other critics, but lying about him bothered him. “I don’t have the strength to answer, write anything, but please not lie. I wish you all a lot of strength and health, and if you are not vaccinated, consider it. “ the actor added.

Vaccination, as it agrees the vast majority of scientists, doctors and the Czech government, is the most effective way how can one protect oneself against the severe course of covid-19 disease. New data from hospitals show that most patients in the ICU are unvaccinated.

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