Miogroup plans new purchases to become the benchmark in digital marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitization process of a large part of the business fabric and Miogroup has accompanied these companies in their modernization process towards the canal online, through which they have achieved an increase in customers and profitability. With its good data, the benchmark for comprehensive marketing and advertising services does not rule out the purchase of new companies to become a leader in its sector.

In an interview for MERCA2, the president of Miogroup, Yago Arbeloa, explains that “we have seen many companies with a very offline, with very manual processes, or companies that are more of B2B, and not so much B2C as it is a marketing company, that bet on the visualization of their sales channels and contact with the client implementing in CRM, customer analytics, call center, measurement, loyalty and the integration of customer travel sources throughout their interaction with them ”.

His new clients include very diverse companies, such as elevator brands and even shipping companies. “We are having many opportunities to learn from their processes and how they are facing this situation,” says Arbeloa.

The president of Miogroup assures that some traditional companies have had a harder time carrying out this digitization due to their technology structures, due to the software installed, and even by their own staff who are used to working with more manual processes and now have to face these changes. “Although it seems complicated, they must be clear that, If they do not go digital, they will be out of the market in a few months. There are companies that are super proud of what they have achieved in such a short time, it is a clear success ”, he says.

In fact, the companies that have opted for digitization have rebounded in their sector, achieving new forms of contact with the customer, more information. They have seen that they had levers to activate and be able not only to attract more customers, but also to analyze the customers they already have thanks to the application of measurement and feedback processes.

According to Arbeloa, “companies are delighted, and have become a source of attraction for other companies”. Likewise, the objective for Miogroup is that 2021 is better than 2019, surpass it. Opportunities are presented to them due to the more commercial part of attracting customers, but there are also opportunities for continue to grow at the inorganic level, looking for companies that work in two areas: either increase the size of the company, or expand its capabilities to offer services to customers.

The president of the comprehensive marketing and advertising services company is optimistic, insisting that “we want 2021 change company size and the sophistication of the company, to make it more transversal ”.


From Miogroup they define 2020 as “a very complicated year, and more so for a sector such as marketing and advertising, which is the first to be affected when there is uncertainty. Investment flows are cut off and it is strongly impacted ”.

However, Arbeloa explains that they have had fewer problems than the rest of the competitors for two reasons: the first is because it involves investments closely linked to results and sales. “It is not an easy investment to eliminate because you run out of flow,” he says. The second is because companies have been forced to digitize their processes and Miogroup is specialized in the digitization processes of companies.

For Yago Arbeloa, “except for the months of April and May which were very hard, the rest of the year has been quite good for us. We have had a year very similar to 2019. We were very agile in adapting, despite how dramatic it was. At the business level, it has helped a lot to transform companies and their business model. If anything, companies are in a better position now, and what they have shown is brutal resilience to adversity, and the ability to adapt. “


From Miogroup they assure that the objective is work across the customer’s value chainTherefore, they have opted for the purchase of specialized companies in each of these fields. “We started by buying very specialized companies in the performance digital, and now in the most strategic part, also in the creativity unit and the deployment in different media and supports, both digital and offline”.

Thus, they activate the optimization tools to improve the conversion of that investment, and then they analyze how the different channels are working to redistribute budgets. “Until the purchase of Artyco, we stayed in this step, and we wanted to jump to the moment when the client is already in the structure of the company and it is necessary to work with the client to increase the value they have in the same.

Thus, the client is within a company because something has been sold to him and with Artyco tools they can perform tasks of cross selling, increase the average ticket, increase the time spent on the web, etc …

This requires a very specific knowledge, with profiles such as engineers and mathematicians, professionals who are the ones that Artyco has, a staff of about 70 people that allows to get more information about the actions carried out by Miogroup and better understand what is the value of each of the customers that enter them through the different sources. Also allows you to maximize the value and increase the return on investment, “We are able to argue in a more solid way for our clients to make their investments with us,” says Arbeloa.

In this sense, the president of Miogroup recalls that “it is very expensive to attract a client, and it is much cheaper to work with the one you already have, with whom you already have confidence and with whom you have already interacted. We seek to increase the profitability of our clients“.

In conclusion, the businessman recalls that this year should be used “to position your company in a much cheaper way, with better results and less competition around doing things well. Companies must be convinced that doing things well and understanding that profitability is short term, and while executing digital transformation processes, they will take advantage of this moment and when they leave they will be in a better position than they had ”.


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