Minsal authorized 10 people to receive third dose of vaccine against COVID-19

After the controversy over vaccination with third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine administered to the president of Clínica Las Condes, Alejandro Gil, from the Ministry of Health reported that there are 10 other patients immunized with a three-dose schedule.

As indicated through a statement, the National Immunization Program of the portfolio authorized people with immunosuppressive diseases, whose treating physicians referred a request to the central level.

“Patients are carriers of immunosuppression due to leukemia, lymphomas, myelomas, or are users of biological therapy or prolonged immunosuppression “, they detailed from the Minsal.

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They also explained that the Ministry “has been evaluating the relevance of the indication to administer a booster dose to patients with certain conditions that determine immunosuppression ”.

This is because “as published by the United States Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), people living with HIV infection or other conditions that cause immunosuppression, or people receiving immunosuppressive drugs or therapies may have a increased risk of contracting severe COVID-19 ”.

On the other hand, they pointed out that “a weak immune response after a second dose of vaccine in solid organ transplant recipients, Y severe cases of disease in transplant recipients ”.

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Along these lines, they assured that a study showed that the administration of a new dose in solid organ transplant recipients improved the immunogenicity of the vaccine.

“These vaccines are only for specific cases, outside the calendar, and with the authorization of a doctor”, they closed.

Check the Minsal document here:



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