“Minsa Vaccinates Children in San Juan de Lurigancho for Mother’s Day”

Having healthy and happy children is the best gift from a mother. For this reason, prior to Mother’s Day, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) held a vaccination day in the annex of the Campoy Health Center, in San Juan de Lurigancho, where dozens of mothers took their sons and daughters to protect them. with the vaccines of the Regular Scheme.

Kelly Yarlequé, a 33-year-old mother, always takes her 11-month-old Antonella Villareal to the health center for her check-up and vaccinations. This Saturday, May 13, she received the influenza vaccine. “I brought her to get vaccinated because I want to protect her so that she doesn’t get sick in the future.”he commented.

Keyli Zapata, mother of Adriano Torres, 1 year 6 months, whose baby received the influenza vaccine and also his second dose against measles, mumps and rubella, is being treated at the same health facility. “Vaccines are critical to the well-being of children. In addition, the nurses from the health center call us for checkups”said the mother of the family.

On this special date, María Elena Martínez Barrera, executive director of Minsa Immunizations, reminds the mothers that children under 5 years of age should receive at least 15 vaccinations that protect them against diseases that could cause disability. Likewise, given the low temperatures, mothers over 60 years of age can receive the influenza and pneumococcal vaccines.

“Moms should know that children under 5 years of age should receive the vaccine against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, pneumococcus, influenza, rotavirus and others that will protect their children against serious diseases that can leave sequelae for life ”, Martinez stressed.

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Where to get vaccinated?

To find out about the vaccination points in Metropolitan Lima and Callao, and their opening hours this weekend, you can enter the following link: www.gob.pe/centrosdevacunacion.

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Published: 5/13/2023

2023-05-13 21:22:30
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