Minors with protection get the vaccine, but not their certificate


The Ministry of Health denies the certificate of vaccination with QR to minors protected to be vaccinated with Pfizer.

Nor are the health authorities responsible for the adverse effects that could be caused with the two applications of the vaccine.

“They told us when they applied the first dose to our children, that since we did this of the vaccination through an amparo, they are not going to give us a vaccination certificate, which we do not understand why. And they also made us sign a response to parents and our children, that in case of any adverse reaction, we are going to take care of any side effects, in the first and second doses, “he commented in an interview with Excelsior, María Aguilar, mother of two minors vaccinated with their first dose.

The appointment of María Aguilar’s children for their first dose was on September 28, at the facilities of the University of the Navy. There she asked to keep a copy of the responsive that they made her and her children sign, which she refused and they did not allow her to take a photograph of the legal document.

“It is understandable that a response is signed, especially due to the ignorance of the health authorities; although it could be used to scare them and make them give up.

“Failure to provide proof of vaccination is completely absurd and inexplicable,” said Xavier Tello, surgeon and public health policy analyst.

In addition, the contempt of the Ministry of Health continues, to comply in 24 hours with the protections granted to minors and vaccinate them with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, as the judges are authorizing; some are immunized up to a month later.

Every minor who has presented himself with his protection at the vaccination sites only with his legal document is rejected. Some have had to wait several weeks to be notified, when the judges order the 24-hour deadline.

“We, the first time we tried to get my two children vaccinated with their protections was at Expo Santa Fe (where they put 18 and 29 year olds with Pfizer), however, they denied us. The only children who had the opportunity to be vaccinated that day were those who had their proof of first dose in the United States, ”according to María Aguilar.

The only requirement that the health authorities ask minors is the proof of their first dose in the United States and they do not make them sign the responsive in which they do not take charge of adverse effects.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported on September 7, in the morning conference, that until that moment, the judges had delivered 262 protections to minors to be vaccinated.

While President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentioned that he would send the judges a document to give them information about the consequences of vaccinating minors at this time.

“We are going to send a report to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to explain the characteristics of the vaccines and what it means to vaccinate minors so that the judges have more elements.

“The right of all citizens to seek protection is not limited, and we have to comply with all resolutions, but we are perceiving that the judges do not have all the elements so that they can act,” said López Obrador.

In Mexico there are 14 million inhabitants who are between 12 and 17 years old.

“It is worrying that, contrary to what we are told, Mexico would not have foreseen that adolescents and, subsequently, schoolchildren should be vaccinated.

“The problem is that in Mexico the 14 million adolescents would need 28 million doses of Pfizer and no, we don’t have them.

“What do we have today?

“A ‘forced’ vaccination only to adolescents with risk factors. A ‘forced’ vaccination to the boys who took refuge. A ‘forced’ vaccination to the boys that their parents were able to put the first dose in the United States.

“The worst: in November, the FDA will have given authorization to vaccinate boys and girls from 5 to 11 years old and Mexico will be left behind,” concluded doctor Xavier Tello.

The data

The record, barely

  • Last Friday the government opened the vaccination registry for children with some comorbidity. Before that, in several states the parents of the minors had to apply for protection.


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