Ministry of Transport will not change the rules for animals on planes after the story with the cat :: Society :: RBC

After the story with Aeroflot, which did not let the “fat” cat into the cabin, social activists, among other things, advocated for the right for passengers to pay extra for the minimum (1-2 kg) excess of the animal. Ministry of Transport did not support the proposal

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The Ministry of Transport did not support the proposal of the All-Russian Association of Passengers (PLO) to change the rules for transporting animals on airplanes, they write Izvestia, citing a ministry response of December 19.

Passengers, among other things, proposed to make the requirements on the dimensions of carrying animals for pets (at least 115 cm in the sum of three measurements – length, width and height) and weight (at least 8 kg) unified. allow pay extra for passengers for a minimum (1-2 kg) overweight so that they can take the animal into the cabin. The PLO also advocated the introduction of uniform dimensions for hand luggage for all airlines or for maintaining the previous system, but with the possibility of exceeding the standards of carriers by 5 cm.

Ministry of Transport will consider the idea of ​​surcharges for transporting cats with an advantage in airplanes

The Ministry of Transport in its response to the PLO clarified that the applicable baggage allowance is set by the airline based on the requirements of the documentation for a particular aircraft. Pets are allowed in the cabin only with the permission of the carrier. In addition, the weight of the animal is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid separately, and the airline sets its limit values ​​on its own. In such a situation, the introduction of uniform dimensions for hand luggage and carryings is impractical, the ministry said in a letter.

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The topic of transporting animals on airplanes began to be discussed after the fall of 2019, Aeroflot’s client Mikhail Galin, in violation of the airline’s rules, drove the cat Victor weighing more than 8 kg in the cabin. Carrier annulled Galina 400 thousand bonus miles.


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