“Ministry of SMEs and Startups Announces Recruitment for ‘2023 Talent Fostering Small and Medium Business’ Designation”

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Lee Young) announced that it would recruit target companies for about a month from the 30th for the designation of ‘2023 Talent Fostering Small and Medium Business’.

‘Designated as a small and medium-sized business for talent development’ is a project to discover exemplary companies in which companies and workers grow together by increasing the productivity and profitability of companies through talent development, such as investment in education and training, and rewarding workers for the performance.

Applicants are selected through written and on-site evaluations of investment in education and training, wage level, employment stability, working environment, and ability to generate profits through expert deliberation.

In particular, from this year, additional points will be given to companies that install and operate daycare centers at workplaces in the written evaluation, giving preferential treatment to companies that invest in creating a work-life balance culture. In addition, additional points are given to excellent manpower nurturing companies that have industrial-educational cooperation mileage by operating field training for college students. In addition, among the evaluation indicators, average length of service was improved from the number of employees to the standard of work experience so that new start-up companies with a high will to nurture talent are not at a disadvantage.

Selected companies receive preferential treatment in the Ministry of SMEs and Startups support projects, such as technology development and additional points when applying for new military service designation companies (industrial technical personnel), and can receive support for recruitment activities through exclusive recruitment centers within employment platforms such as Job Korea.

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From 2014 to 2022, a total of 2162 companies (average competition rate of 3 to 1) were designated as talent development small and medium-sized enterprises (valid period of 3 years). Companies wishing to be designated can apply by the 26th of next month through the comprehensive management system for small and medium-sized business manpower support (smes.go.kr/sanhakin) that appears when you search for ‘talent development’ on the portal site.

2023-05-29 14:06:38
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