Ministry of Public Health reveals COVID-19 infection In the workplace increase As a result of the high-risk exposed persons not detained Strong advice on organizational measures

“Public Health” reveals a new wave of epidemic numbers, the graph begins to decline slightly. But the COVID-19 infection remains In the workplace increase Because the exposed persons were at high risk while waiting for the test results were not quarantined Introduce strong preventive measures in the organization In the case of a 3-month-old child in Bang Bon district, it is infected with COVID from a friend

On January 13, at the news conference center on the situation of coronavirus 2019, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Province, MD. Chakrarat Pittayawong Anon. Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control and Dr. Wichaya Pawan, Director of the Urban Disease Prevention and Control Institute (NDC), press conference on the situation of Chakvid-19 in Thailand by Dr. Chakrath, said today One year anniversary of COVID-19 cases The first case reported in 2020 was a female patient from Wuhan, and the new outbreak since mid-December 2020 today saw 157 more cases, the cumulative total of 6,754, 47% of Thais, 40% of Myanmar, and Cambodia. 2% and others 10%, even if the graph of new infections started to decline. But still can’t be trusted The trend of the outbreak must be monitored next week. Currently there are more people infected in 60 provinces, green areas, no cases have been reported in the past 7 days, 20 provinces, red areas with more than 50 cases, 10 provinces.

For Samut Sakhon Province, there was encouragement and support for an additional medical team for the local operating team, for example, from Ban Pong Hospital, Ratchaburi Province, who participated in Wat Krokkrak Sanam Hospital. Disease control surveillance team And the emergency medical operation team From the 8th health area, a total of 15 teams participated in the disease control work in Samut Sakhon Province. But may find further increases from proactive search

“Currently, we have found the infection in the workplace from employees who are at high risk. Waiting for the results of the examination, not quarantined Therefore must together to prevent it from becoming a super spreader Emphasize the organization measures spacing, wearing masks, washing hands, screening and measuring staff fever. If infected persons are found, employees must be screened. And detain those exposed to high risk for 14 days, including the volunteers help supervise and follow up Currently, measures have been adjusted to allow high-risk people to detect the infection from day one, ”said Dr. Chakrarat.

Dr. Wichaya Pawan, director of the Urban Disease Prevention and Control Institute, said that the new outbreak of Bangkok, the number of cases is not as high as the first wave. 49% of cases were asymptomatic, while only 29% were asymptomatic in the first wave. There were numerous reports of patients eligible for surveillance (PUI), indicating that the surveillance system in the area was intensely In which the outbreak was found as an important cluster in Bangkok, namely, in the case of Samut Sakhon connection And in the case of entertainment venues that are Pinklao, Thonburi and Bangna, but the need to be watched is Currently, the outbreak has begun in families and establishments continually. Therefore need to emphasize the strict surveillance measures in the workplace

“We have now found outbreaks linked to many areas. From the fact that the group is exposed to high risk Not quarantined in many areas causing the infection to spread quickly, such as the Pattaya gambling case. Link entertainment in Bangkok and Chiang Mai Beginning with 3 patients infecting medical personnel. Employees in entertainment venues The other example is tourists who infect employees, close people, families and visitors. In the case of being linked to New Jass Plaza, 53 patients were infected with relatively few families. But it will spread to many colleagues and people who have traveled to each other, ”said Dr.

Dr. Wichai said that Bangkok has provided 69 public health service centers to monitor service visitors and alien communities. Following all high-risk exposure in Bangkok, there are currently more than 2,200 cases. The main risk point is the market that is connected with traders from Samut Sakhon. Aim to inspect all traders coming from the risky areas by checking saliva. Twelve thousand have been examined, 14 have been identified, and a further 1.8 ten thousand saliva samples are planned to cover the entire high-risk market. As for the measures of foreign workers, the checkpoints are set not to be moved. And surveillance in factories with foreign workers will be presented BMA approved further.

In the case of a 3 month old child infected with COVID-19. Is a family infection in Bang Bon area In the family there were 5 people infected with 3 people, namely mother aged 40 years and 2 sons aged 7 years and 3 months. My husband’s friend came to eat pork at home. Later, a friend who visited had a nose that couldn’t smell. To detect an infection Therefore informed the family Once the infection was detected, the infection was detected and taken to treatment.


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