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The ministry stated that it is working with the regions to resolve issues in terms of working with MSW: identifies their needs for containers for separate waste collection and develops new measures to support the industry

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

The situation with the processing of solid municipal waste (MSW) is under constant control of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the department constantly interacts with the regions to promptly resolve emerging issues, the Ministry of Natural Resources said in a message received by RBC.

This is how the ministry responded to criticism of the Chamber of Accounts, who called the situation with landfills “close to critical”. Taking into account the current rate of growth in the volume of waste, the capacity of 32 regions for their disposal will be exhausted by 2024, and another 17 by 2022, the JV stressed.

The auditors’ report says that no more than 7% of waste is recycled in Russia, and over 90% is disposed of in landfills and dumps. At the same time, waste disposal sites often do not comply with legal requirements and poison the environment, noted in the Accounting Chamber.

The Ministry of Natural Resources stressed that they are supporting the regions in terms of waste management, including taking emergency measures. The ministry stressed that some regional operators are in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministry signed agreements with 65 regions, under which they received more than 8 billion rubles. (as of September 14), the report said. The measure will have to finance the costs associated with the continuous operation of regional operators for MSW management.


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