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Reports of the Russian dictator’s health problems appear deliberately ahead of his scheduled public appearance.

“Stuffing” about illnesses, operations and comas of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin works in favor of the Kremlin.

This was announced by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv in Telegram.

According to him, reports of the Russian dictator’s health problems appear deliberately before his scheduled appearance in public.

“Each time before Putin’s public appearance, information about his serious condition appears. Just before the opening of the St. Petersburg forum, where the head of the Russian Federation is to attend on June 17, information spread that he was allegedly in a coma,” Andrusiv said.

According to him, such “stuffing” of the Kremlin sow distrust in the media and all those who spread messages. “After such public statements, it turns out that Putin is “more alive than all the living,” as the Russians say about their leaders. In this way, Russia manages to neutralize the influence of information resources. Therefore, you should not trust such stuffing, but if this happens, then let’s celebrate, “- he said.

Coma and cancer in Putin – what is known

Yesterday, information resources and Telegram channels reported that Putin fell into a coma after a long-range operation. The media cited intelligence sources, but warned that the information needed to be clarified.

There used to be rumors about Putin’s thyroid cancer or cancer in the abdomen. About what Putin has serious cancers in particular, Bellingcat investigator Hristo Grozev also reported.

Recently, rumors about the illness of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his upcoming operation.

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Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin I noticed that there is no direct evidence of the illness of the aggressor of the Russian Federation, because this is the main state secret, but this betrays his appearance. He says Putin is an old 70-year-old man with a load of diseases.

Rumors of Putin’s deteriorating health raise the question of his successor. As journalists managed to find out, temporarily replace the main bloody dictator of the world maybe Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.

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