Ministry of Interior and SANS check the threats against the government, 3 decide whether the NSO should guard them

The Ministry of Interior and the State Agency for National Security are checking the signals for danger against the authorities. And whether anyone has a security guard is decided by a commission composed of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and the heads of NSO and SANS. Everyone has 1 vote, 2 are enough for the appointment of security. Every decision taken is based on materials for its justification, which are secret, the then head of the NSO, Krassimir Stanchev, told 24 Chassa. Without threat, the current law, which parliament is now amending, protects only the president, vice president, prime minister, chief of parliament and chief prosecutor.

However, before a commission is convened, any threat is checked and, if it turns out to be not serious, no vote is required. One of these cases is from the end of March 2019. Then the cameraman from Varna Todor Nikolov uploaded his photo with a rifle on Facebook and threatened Boyko Borissov, then Prime Minister. “Boyko, I will shoot you for free! Your mother is dirty, a saleswoman! A Bulgarian murderer! ”The man wrote above the frame. The Ministry of Interior quickly searched for him, it turned out that the rifle was air, and the man was released with a warning protocol. That is why Borissov’s security was not strengthened. He had one as prime minister.

At that time, however, the author of the threat was clear, so it was not necessary to convene the commission. A year earlier, Plamen Georgiev, then chairman of the anti-corruption commission, received a letter with a rope tied like a gallows. The signal was assessed as serious and Georgiev got security.

The danger signal itself can also be acquired surgically. For example, in 2018 it became clear that the honorary chairman of the MRF Ahmed Dogan was guarded due to a threat from a foreign country. He was guarded by state guards on January 19, 2013, when Oktay Enimehmedov took to the stage at a MRF conference and tried to shoot Dogan with a gas pistol. However, the weapon was found and the man was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison. He was found guilty only of threatening to kill, as 3 courts ruled that a person could not be killed with a gas pistol.

The most brutal case of assault on a top statesman was the October 2, 1996 assassination of former Prime Minister Andrei Lukanov. At the time, however, Lukanov was unguarded, although his life was in danger. Lukanov refused to use the guards. First they removed those in front of his house, and then the personal ones, said the former head of the NGO, Gen. Dimitar Vladimirov.

Lubomir, who wrote the e-mail, threatened to blow up the airport in Plovdiv

The 26-year-old, convicted of threatening to blow up the airport in Plovdiv, turned out to be the man who sent an e-mail that he would kill the head of the parliament Iva Miteva. Lyubomir Yakov was detained on Friday night by the Cybercrime Department at the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in his native Stara Zagora.

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Less than 24 hours earlier, he had emailed a letter to the justice ministry that he would kill Miteva. She herself admitted that at first she was scared and more afraid for her relatives and child. However, she does not think that her security should be increased. Due to the e-mail, the inspection was assigned to the Cybercrime Department. By IP address and e-mail, they quickly managed to reach Jacob. As the man has a long record, anti-mafia members from Sofia were sent to Stara Zagora for his arrest. He was arrested in the garden next to the station, where drug addicts often gather, and admitted to sending an e-mail.

Lubomir has a suspended sentence from 2020 for threatening to blow up the airport in Plovdiv over the phone. Again there in 2019 he implemented another criminal scheme by stealing fake profiles on the Internet and demanding money. There are also criminal records for theft.

Jacob is a half-orphan, his mother died 5 years ago, before that she was the director of a school in Stara Zagora. His father, Lubomir, after whom he is named, has a 19.5-year sentence for drug trafficking in Greece. The man lives with his grandmother Ganka in Krasnovo. He often disappeared, he was gone for days, the 71-year-old woman told BNT. He left her home on Thursday morning and sent an e-mail in the evening.

The grandmother claims that he does not work and does not want anything. He was otherwise literate and intelligent, although he did not complete high school. He steals a lot, this time I will chase him, says his grandmother.

Because of the threat, the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office has accused Yakov of threatening to kill him and will request his permanent arrest on Monday.

The man’s father wrote the e-mail for Iva Miteva, sentenced to 20 years prison in Greece for drug trafficking

Lyubomir Yakov’s father, who threatened Parliament Speaker Iva Miteva with death, was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison in Greece for drug trafficking. A journalist of “24 Chasa” wrote about the case in 2005 and met with Lyubomir’s grandmother Ganka Yakova in the village of Krasnovo, Plovdiv region.

The “little” Lubomir actually bears the names of his father – Lyubomir Yakov, who in 2005 received a harsh sentence of 19.5 years in prison by the Greek judiciary. He is probably still in prison in our southern neighbor, or at least there is no information that he has been released early.

In 2005, his mother, Ganka Yakova, told in detail about her son’s odyssey. At that time, Lubomir Jr. was only 10 years old, and his mother was alive and taught Bulgarian language and literature.

“He has been gone for 9 years. It is very difficult for me to talk about him “, said 61-year-old Ganka Yakova in the village of Krasnovo in 2005 to” 24 Chasa “, devastated by the fate of her son Lyubomir Yakov. He has just been sentenced to 19.5 years in prison by the Athens Court of Appeal.

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On July 11, 2005, he was found guilty of drug trafficking and forgery of documents. Then Lubo left a wife and two children – Ivka is 9 years old and Lubomir, who bears his name, is 10 years old.

It is understood in the Greek court that Lubo Yakov is not a saint. He himself admits to forgery of documents. He has been to Greece for this before. But the more serious accusation of drug trafficking is based only on the testimony of another convict in the same trial. This is the Greek Alexios Zervas, who also received 19.5 years as an accomplice of Jacob.

Jacob and Zervas, 39, were arrested on January 27, 2004, in the Athens suburb of Khalandri. The Greeks found 290 grams of cocaine. They also found 3 kg of hashish, stolen passports, forms for Greek passports and a pistol in his home. During the interrogation, Zervas assures that Jacob is the torturer of the criminal group and it was he who gave him the drugs.

The court dismissed the first charge. The latter, however, accepts, although there is no evidence. Police officers forgot to take fingerprints from the packages with the found drugs. Thus, the Bulgarian received nearly 20 years in prison and appealed the sentence, but without success.

Lubomir Yakov Sr. left for Greece in December 1996. He has not returned since, his mother Ganka said in 2005. He graduated from the Textile Technical School in Plovdiv. At first he worked as a security guard in a rural cooperative. “Some had accused him of being a plum king, but there was no such thing,” said his mother.

Then Lubomir Sr. started at the IOC “Medet” in Panagyurishte as a driver. After 1989 there was no work and he went to Greece. “It simply came to our notice then. He got drunk and his passport was stolen, “said Lubomir Sr.’s mother.

In 2005, Stefka, Lubomir Jr.’s mother, recounted how they met his father in 1994 on a bus on a trip to Greece. They became friends and got married. Stefka was already pregnant by another man, but Lubomir accepted the child.

First living in Athens, Stefka cared for an elderly woman. Then they moved to Crete – Lubomir worked in an oven and Stefka in a hotel, earning their money honestly.

They then lived in Crete for a while, while police caught them walking. They were taken to their quarters to collect their luggage and returned to Bulgaria because they were staying illegally. (24 hours)



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