Ministry of Home Affairs answers Akhyar’s accusation about the Invisible Hand in Medan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) answered the accusation of the Medan Mayor Candidate Akhyar Nasution that there is invisible hand or an invisible hand playing in the Medan City Pilkada.

The Director General for Regional Autonomy Akmal Malik denied the issue that the Ministry of Home Affairs had deployed ASN to influence the Medan Pilkada. The officers deployed only monitor the process of organizing the elections.

“There is no room for our officers to do what you said earlier. Once again we say our officers are ASNs who must be neutral and work professionally,” said Akmal in a video that was shared by the Ministry of Home Affairs Puspen, Friday (11/12).

Akmal explained that the Ministry of Home Affairs always sends ASNs every time the election is held. ASNs are tasked with ensuring that the elections go according to the rules.

In the 2020 Pilkada, said Akmal, the Ministry of Home Affairs did not only deploy ASN in Medan. The state servants are spread to 309 districts / cities in 32 provinces that hold the 2020 Pilkada Simultaneously.

“There is no specificity, no special treatment. All just monitoring and do monitoring, “said Akmal.

“There is Bawaslu there, there are law enforcement officers, who of course supervise when there are parties who are not neutral,” he added.

Previously, the Ministry of Home Affairs sent a delegation to Medan. Head of Regional Performance Evaluation Section II, Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs William said that his party was sent to Medan because there was a candidate who had a relationship with President Jokowi.

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“Why do we focus on the election in Medan, because this time there is a candidate pair who is the son-in-law of the President. So we are given the mandate that someone from the Ministry of Home Affairs should participate in monitoring the election,” William said in a final preparation Pilkada desk meeting in Medan, Tuesday 8/12), as quoted from Among.

After the voting, the Bobby Nasution-Aulia Rachman pair was said to have defeated the incumbent Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi by several survey agencies.

Akhyar responded to the defeat in the quick count by accusing him of an ‘invisible hand’ or an invisible hand that had disturbed the Medan Pilkada.

“It cannot be stated explicitly, but we can feel that it is very influential to play in the city of Medan,” said Akhyar at AMAN’s Winning Secretariat, Jalan Sudirman, Thursday (10/12).

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