Ministry of Health | two urgent food recalls

On the official website of the Ministry of Health there are notifications informing of two potentially dangerous situations for the health of consumers.

The Ministry of Health has issued two food references concerning as many sweet products. Their realization is linked to the same company, which produces them abroad for a manufacturer based in Rome.

Carabinieri NAS during a safety inspection (Photo Ministry of Health)

The latter è BET KOSHER SAS by Alberto Terracina, based in Rome. In the notification of the Ministry of Health there are two packaged cakes, which are made in the factories of the Strauss – Elite, company that has its own factory in Israel.

From there, however, the products subjected to food recall and indicated in the information of the Ministry of Health are marketed also in our countrydespite the Hebrew alphabetic characters on the package.

The motivation underlying both cases of food recall is one that should not be underestimated, and which always leads the authorities that act in the context of compliance with food standards to take measures for the full protection of consumers’ health.

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Ministry of Health, details on the two food recalls

The articles in question, which are now no longer for sale, are respectively the Chocolate / coconut cake (article KLP 1284) and the Chocolate / chocolate cake (article KLO 1282). To recognize these products, it is possible to consult the lot number and the expiry date or minimum storage term indicated on the package.

The two products recalled
The two products recalled (Photo Ministry of Health)

The ministerial withdrawal from trade note reports the following. “As a precaution, all are subject to recall lots produced before 04/29/2022 and the related expiration dates “. Lots and deadlines coincide precisely with the date indicated.

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Therefore, anyone who has one or more pieces in the house than indicated is required to deliver it to the point of sale where they were bought. By doing so, it will be possible to obtain a refund of the amount spent. The current food safety regulations do not even require the need for a sales receipt.

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