Ministry of Health Reveals Various Dental and Oral Health Problems in the COVID-19 Era

Saraswati added, Indonesia is one of the countries with a relatively large number of dentists. According to data from the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI) 2021, the number of dental therapists in Indonesia is 19,600.

Meanwhile, the number of dentists is 33,057. Plus 4,406 oral specialist dentists.

“The number of dental health workers is relatively large, but it can still be seen from the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas 2018) that those who have experienced dental pain (57.6 percent) actually access dental health services only 10.2 percent.”

According to him, this is concerning and the 2021 HKGN is the right momentum to make efforts to improve the dental and oral health situation in Indonesia, he concluded.



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