Ministry of Health finds 3 polio positive children with no symptoms of paralysis in Aceh – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) found three polio virus positive children with no symptoms of sudden paralysis in Pidie district, Aceh on Thursday (11/24). This finding is based on the results of follow-up exams of children under the age of 5 who lived around the polio outbreak in early November.

“From the test results of 19 children, three children tested positive for the polio virus,” Health Ministry spokesman Muhammad Syahril said in his official statement.

However, according to WHO guidelines, these three children were not included in the case criteria because they did not meet the criteria for sudden paralysis.

Syahril also said the Ministry of Health continues to carry out monitoring, including house-to-house screening efforts to ensure there are no further cases of paralysis that have not been reported.

“Pio is very dangerous for children because the impact is permanent for life, it causes paralysis and there is no cure,” Syahril added.

However, Syahril said, this condition can be prevented through comprehensive immunization against polio, both bOPV drip immunization and IPV injection immunization.

“Therefore, we must protect the future of our children by giving them full immunization against polio,” Syahril explained.

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Besides immunization, a clean and healthy lifestyle is the second key to preventing polio transmission in the community.

“The presence of polio virus in the faeces of the three children demonstrates that the population still lacks a clean and healthy lifestyle,” Syahril said.

Furthermore, Syahril revealed that there are still residents practicing open defecation (BAB) in the river. Although toilet facilities are available, the sinkhole flows directly into the river. However, the river’s water is used for various residents’ activities, including children’s playgrounds.

“The polio virus is transmitted through the digestive tract, while community defecation activities are still done in rivers, not latrines, so there is circulation of the virus and potential for transmission there,” Syahril said. (mdk/ded)

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