Ministry of Agriculture Asked to Focus on Finding African Pig Fever Vaccine Instead of Corona Necklace

26510-menteri-pertanian-mentan-syahrul-yasin-limpo.jpg – Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) was asked to prioritize vaccine discovery against African Swine Fever (ASF) or African Pig Fever which is currently still endemic in the North Sumatra region.

In a hearing (RDP) with the Ministry of Agriculture, Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IV Sudin appreciated the innovation of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), which is a plant-based aromatherapy necklace eucalyptus is said to be capable of killing the Corona Virus.

However, he considered that the Ministry of Agriculture should be able to carry out its tasks, principles and functions first, one of which is the African Pig Fever virus, which has not yet been found to prevent a vaccine.

“The most important task now for the country is how to find the African swine virus vaccine. That is the most important first, maybe if we consume not much pork, but in other areas such as North Sumatra it may be a lot,” Sudin said in an RDP with the Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta written Wednesday (07/08/2020).

Regarding Corona’s antivirus necklace, Sudin said that the findings did not need to be widely publicized because eucalyptus innovation products had not yet been tested in clinical and preclinical. He was worried that there would be a misunderstanding in the community.

“This means it is not perfect yet, it is still in the testing phase. So don’t let everyone use this, I want to go to the Athlete’s House, I already wear this (necklace). My advice is not to be published too much,” said Sudin.

Regarding the eucalyptus aromatherapy innovation product that will be mass produced, Sudin appreciated the plan as long as it did not use state budget funds.

“If you want to go ahead, then go ahead, the important thing is not to use state budget funds, because I have already explained, please just innovate, more and more are making innovations related to Corona Virus and useful, what’s the harm,” Sudin said. (Among)

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