Ministry leaks nerve poison formula to Wirecard manager

There are investigations in three ministries because of explosive treason.

Three domestic ministries (Foreign Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Defense Department) submitted a description of the facts to the Ministry of Justice “in accordance with Section 78 of the Code of Criminal Procedure” – suspicion of a criminal offense in their legal sphere of activity.

It’s about the explosive Wirecard affair surrounding the ex-manager Jan Marsalek. After the Financial Times reported that Marsalek had shown traders in London secret OPCW (Chemical Weapons Organization) documents containing the formula of the Novichok nerve agent that was used to attempt to murder ex-Russian agent Sergei Skripal OPCW an Austrian diplomat.

According to the facts, the diplomat was informed in the interview that the “cover page” of the document published by the FT had a – unpublished – barcode “from which it can be seen that the document came from Austrian origin”.

The “OPCW documents intended for Austria, classified as confidential” were available to the “Disarmament Department of the BMEIA”. “A copy was sent to the Defense Department (Military Policy Department) by messenger.” It was also available to a department of the Ministry of Economy.


According to the facts, “internal reviews were initiated immediately”. The suspicion is clear: Marsalek has probably received a top secret document from one of the ministries. Foreign Minister at that time was Karin Kneissl (FPÖ), Defense Minister Mario Kunasek (FPÖ), Economics Minister Margarethe Schramböck.

Marsalek is said to have received confidential information from the BAT. A thriller that grows into a state affair.

Isabelle Daniel

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