Minister of Justice of Japan: Ghosn escape “unacceptable” –

Japan’s Justice Minister Masako Mori has described the ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn’s flight to Lebanon as “unjustifiable”. Her ministry said Ghosn had used “illegal methods” to leave Japan, Mori said in her first official statement on Ghosn’s adventurous departure on Sunday in Tokyo. Former car manager Ghosn was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on charges of misusing company capital.

The Japanese law enforcement system has “adequate procedures to track down the truth”. The “basic individual human rights would be respected,” emphasized Mori. “A suspect’s escape on bail is unacceptable,” she added.

Ghosn had left Japan in late December. He is said to have flown with a private jet from Kansai Airport in western Japan to Istanbul and from there to Beirut. In the Lebanese capital, it was said that the judiciary would summon Ghosn. The authorities were forced to do this by Interpol. “But the judiciary can decide whether to arrest him or not,” it said. The Lebanese Prosecutor General had previously said that there was no reason for the legal persecution of Ghosn in Lebanon.

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