Minister of Health Estimates Peak Cases of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 in the Second Week of July

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said the peak of the spread of variant Covid-19 cases Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 will be seen in the second to third week of July.

He predicts that because usually the peak of the spread occurs one month after the first case is found.

“Our observation is that waves of BA.4 and BA.5 usually peak a month after the discovery of the first case. So, in the 2-3 week of July we should see the peak of cases from BA.4 and BA.5,” Budi said at a press conference. , Monday (13/6).

Budi warned the public to remain vigilant against the spread of Covid-19. The reason is, a number of other countries are preparing new mitigation patterns to face the surge in cases of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5.

However, Budi believes the increase in cases at the peak of the spread will not increase significantly as before. Especially if people always obey health protocols and participate in booster vaccinations.

“In addition to the booster, the people’s immunity will last another 6 months until February-March next year,” he said.

The cases of the new types of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 in Indonesia have now increased to eight people. Based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health as of Sunday (12/6), there were 6 people infected with BA.5, while 2 other people were infected with the new Omicron BA.4.

Of the 8 cases, 3 were foreign citizens (WNA) and 5 Indonesian citizens (WNI).

The Ministry of Health stated that the discovery of the Omicron subvariance was not related to the increase in positive cases that occurred in the last few days.

Minister of Health Emphasizes Booster

Budi emphasized the importance of vaccine boosters for the community. According to him, the third or booster dose of vaccination can really prevent a spike in cases in Indonesia.

“If we can take care of that, then Indonesia will probably be the first country in 12 months without experiencing a spike in cases,” said Budi.

He said the Ministry of Health would conduct a survey in June and July to measure the community’s immunity. The survey results will later be used as a basis for the government in formulating new steps to deal with the pandemic.

“It is hoped that in the third or fourth week of July the results will come out. So that before 17 August Independence Day we can take more precise data-based policies regarding how to handle the pandemic in the future,” said Budi.

Antibody titers or a measure of the level of public immunity to the corona virus in Indonesia increased significantly in March 2022, reaching 7-8 thousand orders.

In addition to antibody titers, Budi claimed that 99.2 percent of residents in Java-Bali already have immunity or antibodies to Covid-19, either obtained naturally after infection or vaccination.

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