Minister of Education Marco Antonio Avila talks about the State problem of CAE

During the morning of this Friday the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avilatalked with DNA Today on references to items in his portfolio made in the Public Account of President Gabriel Boricspecifying that in the case of the Credit with State Guarantee (CAE), which was totally subject to the approval of a tax reform, it is a problem that must be considered by all sectors as a State problem and that the government proposal aims to advance a solution with a line of work and not in an immediate forgiveness for all.

“It is a problem of the State with its citizens, there are more than 1 million people in debt, seven out of 10 families in debt with the CAE, we all know someone who has a situation with the CAE, all debtors are not equal, so when we talk about universality we think that everyone will benefit in some way, this is gradual, fair, progressive and should be a solution that the State as a whole resolves in more than one term“, Minister Ávila explained.