Minister Nikolay Sabev is on “Captain Andreevo” because of the queue of trucks (Video)

Minister Nikolay Sabev at the border checkpoint “Kapitan Andreevo”

Urgent measures are underway to alleviate heavy traffic from Turkey

Urgent measures are underway to alleviate the difficult heavy traffic from Turkey to Bulgaria through the Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint. This was assured by the Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev after talks at the checkpoint with the Deputy Minister of Trade of Turkey in charge of Customs Tuna Turgay, the Governor of Edirne and heads of customs services.

Today, carriers are protesting at the checkpoint, as we wrote earlier, because of the difficult traffic at the crossing.

The Minister of Transport was asked if he would resign because of these problems, to which Nikolay Sabev did not answer a question.

We have agreed that the Bulgarian side will increase the speed and capacity of the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint to 2,000 trucks per day and the Lesovo border checkpoint to 1,000 trucks per day, Sabev explained. According to him, there is currently a “stopper” of 3,500 trucks on Turkish territory.

Already 25 additional officers from the Border Police and 25 from the Customs Agency have been seconded to Kapitan Andreevo. The idea is to “pick up” this wave in a week-long window with such a higher crossing capacity and move to the regular crossing speed, Sabev added. He admired the efforts of the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture to pass the phytosanitary control of the checkpoint into state hands.

Sabev also said that another increase in the capacity of “Captain Andreevo” by 50 percent is planned by September.

We already have an agreement with the Customs Agency to install a laboratory for phytosanitary control in this room next door, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Hristanov, quoted by BTA. According to him, it will be able to service even the increased traffic in less than an hour per vehicle. The deadline for the release is 4-5 months, as it is a matter of public procurement, which will certainly be appealed many times in order to hinder the process, Hristanov said.

He also said that currently several transports a day carry the samples in the central laboratory of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency in Sofia and they are almost not delayed. After an analysis, we also found that we have a drastic reduction in goods that are controlled by laboratory, said Hristanov.

To a journalist’s question, he answered that Bulgaria’s international image is only improving and cannot be worsened, because the declarative attitude of the state to guarantee border control is the strongest guarantee.

At the same time, the carriers protesting against the problems with the border with Turkey continue to wait in front of “Kapitan Andreevo” with a request for a personal meeting with Minister Sabev.

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