Minister Kitir underlines the empowerment of girls at the Global Citizen in New York

(Belgian) Minister for Development Cooperation Meyrame Kitir reminded Global Citizen in New York on Saturday the importance of social protection and announced aid of 2.6 million euros for the establishment of mutual funds in Senegal and in Burkina Faso for the emancipation of girls.

“It’s not normal for 14-year-old girls to marry and become mothers” so young, the Flemish socialist launched at the annual anti-poverty music festival, which traditionally coincides with the opening of the UN General Assembly. “Having a child when you are still yourself puts these girls’ futures at risk. No parent should be faced with the choice of sending their daughter to school or marrying her, for lack of means. school, and they must be able to make their own choices “, underlined the minister. The 2.6 million euros promised will go to a program of the International Labor Organization (ILO) which establishes a mutual insurance company to improve the accessibility of health care in Senegal and Burkina Faso and to help girls take charge of their future. The 60,000 tickets for the Global Citizen festival were distributed free of charge to people who have contributed to charity. This year, the event welcomes to Central Park Metallica , Mariah Carey, The Weeknd or also Rosalía and Maneskin. (Belgian)

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