Minister De Backer’s surrealist announcement to CPAS and rest homes: “We are heading towards a shortage of masks”

An email from the cabinet of Federal Minister Philippe De Backer and relayed by Iriscare last night arouses the anger of the CPAS and nursing homes in Brussels.

The Brussels Region is heading towards a shortage of masks, Iriscare announced yesterday evening at the CPAS and rest homes in the capital. This laconic email, of which the DH received a copy, is alarming: “It has been brought to our attention that, following problems importing masks beyond our control, the supply will become scarce and we are heading towards a shortage. In this context, we remind you that it is more that it is necessary to use the protective equipment you have sparingly and to avoid any waste. You will find on our site indications to optimize the use of masks “.

This email has aroused concern and anger among heads of care institutions and CPAS, especially when they read that Wallonia has just bought 19 million masks from the province of Hubei, in China, that COVID-19 killed 21 Brussels residents in two days and that more than a hundred deaths were reported in Brussels nursing homes.

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