Minister: culture gets better corona news than leaked so far show

The cabinet has better news to report for the culture sector tomorrow than has been leaked so far. That is what outgoing Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven said in good morning Netherlands. She did not give details.

Van Engelshoven says that the Fieldlabs have been looked at again, the studies that looked at how, among other things, performances can be organized safely. She has been ‘in very close contact’ with the events sector about this to see how those lessons can be used for the new policy, she said in the program on NPO 1. ,,I am hopeful that tomorrow it will go in the right direction. goes, also for the events.”

The fact that the cabinet did not allow much this summer despite the Field Labs was largely due to the delta variant of the coronavirus, Van Engelshoven said on Friday. What has now changed and what plans the cabinet has for the relaxation, she did not explain in Good Morning Netherlands. It is known that more corona tickets will be used, also for theaters, for example.

The measures were informally discussed in the Catshuis on Sunday, but official decisions will not be taken until Tuesday.

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