Minimum requirements to play Pokémon GO on PC

Surely you should know that one of the advantages of this game is that you can download it on the PC, with the use of an emulator. But as in operating systems such as Android or iOS, it is necessary for the computer to meet some of the requirements demanded by the game, since if it is not, it is very likely that it will not work. For this we explain below what are the minimum requirements to play Pokémon GO on PC.

What must my PC have to play Pokémon GO?

As we mentioned before, if you want the Pokémon GO game to be compatible with your team it is best that you meet the requirements of the same. This is basically in order that the game is not slow or lagged during games. Since if so, it is very likely that you will not advance in the game.

pokemon go pc
Example of Pokémon GO on PC from an Android emulator.

As a fundamental requirement, we have The operating system, which should be Windows Vista the top to this version. As to the graphics card, this has to be Intel o AMD, the processor recommended is OpenGL 2.0 the superior.

Therefore, RAM memory plays a very important role in this game, although it can be of 2GB de RAM, but in the case of HDD, you need to have 4GB of free space. Also keep in mind that the MeMú emulator is one of the best due to its low requirements.

Last but not least requirement is the internet connection. This must be fluid and the best possible, since it is an online game, in which with any mistake you can stop catching a Pokémon or make the different types of attack wrong. So you must be aware that you meet all the requirements.


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▪ Release date: 07/06/2016

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