Mingkwan Sangsuwan: With the path of 4 years, changing the party – shifting the poles Finally, ended up in Pracharat’s power.

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from the new economy to state power

From #uncle Ming Po Taek to the dissolution of the New Economic Party to open Chance Thai Party Mingkwan Sangsuwan moved to the Palang Pracharat Party (PACC), which he used to fiercely criticize in the House.

Today (December 6), Mingkwan Sangsuwan, former New Economics Party leader who resigned to open Chance Thai Party Prepare to work with Pracharat Palang Pracharat Party, where the PPP will hold a press conference for Mingkwan joining the party at 3.30pm.

Mr. Damrong Pidet, Forest Conservation Party of Thailand Recently announced the name change to “Opportunity Thai” with Mr. Mingkwan is the party leader, confirming that Mr. Mingkwan has resigned as the party leader to work with the PPP

The reason for changing the party name to Chance Thai To prepare for the “two card” election battle and plans to use the formula to calculate the list of 500 divisions, but going back to 100 divisions, Mr. Damrong thinks the small party does not should be able to fight is a factor for Mr. Mingkwan “Turn around to join the big party”

BBC Thai invites you to go back 4 years with 3 parties by Mr. Mingkwan, a marketer and debater on the board.

People power in Pheu Thai and new economy

Mr. Mingkwan belonged to People’s Power Party (PPP) and Pheu Thai Party (PPH) before taking a break from politics for about 6 years (since 2013) before returning to politics as the leader of the Economic Party. Sor.)

for the New Economy Party Registered for party establishment on November 3, 2018, before being certified as a political party on November 6, 2018. The co-founders of the party were students of Bangkok Christian College, class 133, pre-college class 46 , and students of Thammasat University, class of 1986.

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“It is time for the entire Thai people to enter a new economic system,” Mingkwan said.

Election campaign party with the main slogan “It’s time for the whole Thai people to enter a new economic system” and nominate Mingkwan as prime minister candidate. The only one from the university to compete against 68 other candidates from 44 other political parties in the 2019 election.

The party sent 412 parliamentary candidates, divided into 331 constituencies and 81 party list candidates, led by Mingkwan. He was elected party list deputy on behalf of the New Economics Party, able to bring a total of 6 MPs to the House of Representatives, of which 5 party MPs then went on to support the government of Gen. Prayut Chan Ocha Tan

#Uncle Ming Po Taek

Political observers have analyzed that the 480,000 votes the NHRC received came in part from the new generation trend. while the other came from boredom and wanted to get out of the current economic crisis. that Mr. Mingkwan The former head of the government’s economic team of the People’s Power Party (2007) took the signal and turned it into a policy. causing the party that was formed for just one year It can bring up to 6 MPs to the House of Representatives

Not long after, Mr. Mingkwan has his own hashtag, which is #Lung Ming Po Taek and #Ming Khwan became the most popular trend on Thai Twitter. After at least 2 media outlets reported, citing Palang Pracharat Party (PACC) news sources, that Mr. Mingkwan would instead take the university to work with the PPP because “Uncle Ming” had a very good relationship with Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak deputy prime minister At the time, he was the one leading the PPP to call everyone “professors” until there was heated criticism everywhere.

Allied parties such as the Pheu Thai Party (PTT) which previously competed to “block the sound” of the university. Then came out to preclude him “Believing #Mingkwan boss manly words more than some party leaders” and “Thai history has never accepted honest politicians for the nation”

Hot to the point that he had to make a statement via Facebook on April 13, denying that he “never negotiated politically with the PPP.”

Thai opportunity mascot

On February 17, 2022, Mr. Mingkwan announced his resignation as Deputy Central at the meeting of the House of Representatives. After discussing the work of General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Defense Minister focuses on managing a failed economy. Ready to ask Thais across the country whether the country’s administration of General Prayut, who is about to turn 8, is happy or suffering?

“For two years I was not happy with my job.” This was the reason for Mr. Mingkwan’s resignation. trembling

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Opportunity Thai Party was launched.

“General Praut And or what did your subordinates do that made him change his position? And against the social trend of the genre and the last thing to be left to all Thais I will continue my political activity. I will use my knowledge The ability to work for parents, brothers and sisters of the people.

“The most important thing is to go out to show that even if there is no government, inequality can be fixed? And I will also prepare for the next elections. We definitely met.

Subsequently, on June 8, 2022, Mr. Mingkwan, former head of the New Economics Party and former party list deputy Established a new political party called “Opportunity Thai”

Mingkwan announced that he had tendered his resignation as a deputy from February 17 and confirmed that he will continue his political activities in preparation for the next elections. And today it is a mission statement that he is still determined to solve macroeconomic problems, namely earning income in the country, exports and small economies.

He insisted that if there is state power in hand, he will take care of economic problems for Thai people across the country to have an equal opportunity to live. Therefore, the Opportunity Thai Party was established. for the opportunity of all Thai He will be the leader of the party and ready to be prime minister.

Mr. Mingkwan said to use a pink background of the logo. Representing the new generation in the different generations who have assimilated more than 60 million Thais, regardless of generation Green letters mean freshness and represent the green of plants or farmers.

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