«Mina’s courage? Having conceived me »- Corriere.it

«In 77, my mother understood that television was changing. And also the recording world. So he decided to become independent from the logic of the record companies. And to do what she liked and felt. It wasn’t painless. Emi, in the face of her refusal to promote on TV or give interviews, tore up the contract in the sense that it took away the guaranteed minimum ». So says Massimiliano Pani in presenting the double album Italian songbook, the first chapter of a project of six total anthologies by Mina. A reorganization of his repertoire with two unreleased songs, In the sky of bars (with the «s» of the plural also in Italian which was interpreted by Fred Buscaglione and which closes the album Orion) e Small time (which closes Cassiopea).

Mina thus puts her hand to the classics of the Italian song finding and discovering new readings as in Caruso O Remoteness. For decades, the singer has released an unreleased album and a cover album every year. Choosing unpublished works is a full-time job for Mina who receives about 3000 auditions a year from known and even unknown authors. Which leads to delays: now he’s listening to those that arrived two years ago. «Mina – explains her son Pani – has a very strong attention to the texts. Those designed in Mina style bore her. Many today would be branded as not politically correct type The important thing is to finish O Liar and unconscious ».

But what is the assembly criterion of very different reasons? «Nobody – explains the son -. Mom chose what gave her emotions or passages that went unnoticed at the time of the exit. A collection of underrated works more than a best of“. But what has changed in the way your mother works in these decades? «I would say that new technologies have allowed her to listen to everything with ease, feeding her unlimited curiosity. His secret is to “use your voice when you need it”, not to overdo it as others do. Another winning card is having created an intense professional and human relationship with versatile musicians such as Massimo Moriconi, Alfredo Golino and Danilo Rea, leaving them great freedom of expression.

Among the reread songs da Mina where interventions were made to the musical base The sky in a room (resized the arcs), while the bases of Off-key songs, A long love story e At least you in the universe have been heavily retouched. There was no lack of a moment of sarcasm when the Sanremo topic was touched. «What became of the idea of ​​Mina, artistic director of the festival? Rai liked it so much that it never called anyone », Massimiliano commented, that last year he himself launched the availability of his mother as a selector of the songs of the festival. The proposal was welcomed with joy but then nothing came of it. Also because in the meantime the agreement with Amadeus provided for both the management and the artistic direction.

But Massimiliano, what do you admire most about mother Mina? “The bravery. In art as in life. Having a child (me) with a married man cost her a popular and media lynching and above all being thrown out of Rai. It was on that occasion that Sergio Bernardini held out his hand to her and took her at the “Bussola” ». A revival that has never stopped.

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