Millions of Americans Depend on Food Banks

Norman Butler, is a food bank user for the first time. She and her partner, Cheryl Butler, waited all night for food in their car. Together with other cars, they lined up to receive food at a distribution point in Metairie, Louisiana, United States. (Source: Associated Press)

WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.TV – The pandemic caused by the corona virus has devastated the world economy, including superpowers United States of America (US). Millions of US citizens must struggle to survive amid the crisis that hit.

Starving is a bitter paradox that occurs in the richest country in the world. In the 2020 pandemic, millions of Americans worry about their empty fridges. Food bank continue to distribute food at high speed.

Some Americans are willing not to eat, so that their children can get food. Other Americans rely on cheap, undernourished food.

Data analysis from the Associated Press, found a sharp increase in the amount of food distributed compared to last year.

Those who fight against starving said they had never seen a crisis this deep in America. This is even worse than the 2007-2009 recession.

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Aaron Crawford, 37, is looking for work in this time of crisis. His wife had to have surgery, then the virus started eating away at her working hours and salary.



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