[Millau] A week at work without my car to get on a soft vehicle

The target audiences were able to try out several vehicles from the In’VD fleet.

MOBILITY Since the beginning of the week, Tremplin pour l’emploi, in partnership with In’VD, has been organizing the fourth edition of this operation to promote soft mobility.

This is the fourth operation of the week without my car, and the first where the association In’VD, initiator of the event, accompanies Tremplin pour l’emploi to better promote its organization kit, the winning project of the participatory budgets selected by the Occitanie Region in 2020 which offers a method to test a mode of transport other than the car.

As part of this week, and in partnership with Millau Grands Causses or the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, it was the public supported by Tremplin pour l’Emploi, but also the employees of the Jardin du Chayran, who were able to discover the solutions alternatives to the car from Monday until Friday, going on work assignments, participating in workshops to raise awareness of road safety, the inherent cost of owning a car, the favorable impact on health and well-being by using other means of transport, but also to discover the offer available in the Millavois basin in terms of mobility, “the first factor in the remoteness of employment in rural areas or in insufficiently important towns to be offered a public transport offer corresponding to the needs”, supports Camille Vergely, director of the Tremplin pour l’emploi.

Electric assistance opens up prospects

Return on experience

After Saint-Beauzély, Saint-Izaire or at the Millau hospital on previous editions led by In’VD, “many people have started there like at the hospital who have invested in a secure bicycle garage because several members of staff have bought a bicycle”, illustrates Hélène Jacquemin, one of the founders of the association.

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While Tremplin pour l’emploi is thinking of Saint-Affrique to lead its next edition, In’VD is taking this opportunity to present its two new acquisitions: an electric Fantic and a longtail cargo bike, also electric. The fleet, extended to six bicycles, is available this week without my car, just like their “famous critter”, a “bicycle” prototype with an estimated purchase price of between €7 and €10,000 and whose association expects approval by the end of the year. In the meantime, it will also be necessary to multiply to respond to villages or structures wishing to take up the challenge of a car-free week: the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) in Montpellier, the community of municipalities of Astarac-Arros in Gascony which brings together around 7,000 inhabitants in 39 villages in the Gers, the community of communes Cœur du Var, Martres-Tolosane, the stronghold of Carole Delga, Souillac in the Lot, on the island of Oléron, Lévézou or making contacts to materialize with the association for Przewalski’s horse. At the end of September, a delegation from In’VD will also go to the next days of Positive Energy Territories (Tepos) near the Crêtes Préardennaises. Before, appointment is given this Friday on the Sully-Chalies quays for the feedback of this Millavoise operation.

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