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An international research team, including the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, used the astronomical supercomputer “Aterui II” at the VLBI Observatory in Mizusawa (Oshu City) to derive a scenario for the changes that occurred near the center of the Milky Way. The simulation predicts that star formation will continue explosively in the center of the “bar structure” near the center and the flow will suddenly stop in other areas. The fluctuations are thought to be “recorded” in the form of different stellar age structures in different regions and future observations are expected.

The Milky Way is disc-shaped and a structure is known to exist in which fixed stars gather in the shape of a bar about 30,000 light-years near the center. At the center of the bar-shaped structure, there is also a region called the “core bulge” where the stars are concentrated, but the evolutionary process and history are unknown.

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For the full article, see the September 25 issue of Iwate Nippo.

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