Miljuschka Witzenhausen: ‘Children Peter R. de Vries lived with the same fear as I did’ | Stars

For example, it is asked whether Astrid Holleeder was able to say goodbye to the crime reporter who died two months ago after he was shot on the street. According to Miljuschka, that question is often asked to her and she did not want to answer it for a while. “Because we are all sad about this. I felt that sometimes it felt out of place to share for me personally. For so many reasons. I find it so heartbreaking for his (mother of) children and beloved. They lived with the same fear as I did, but for their father instead of their mother.”

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She therefore believes that mourning and grief need time and space and that she herself ‘still’ cannot find the words for it. “It makes me so sad to think about it. The same goes for my mother. We miss him just like anyone with a righteous heart beyond description.”

Yet Miljuschka says she always tries to see something positive in everything and she now sees that in the children of Peter R. de Vries, Royce and Kelly, who she both thinks are ‘such beautiful people’. “A perfect combination of their parents. Who now honor and perpetuate Peter’s legacy in their own way.”


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