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Military beaten by 8 foreigners. They deny him 30 euros of allowance


The nails against the vehicles in Chiomonte, the insults of the No Tav, the agents “Exposed to contagion” causes infected migrants, the fake news of sardines, the perennial hunt for the Floyd case. If the many reasons that already warm up the temperature of the police were not enough, today a new piece of dissatisfaction is added. Special case, perhaps marginal. But indicative from the moral point of view. The carabineer who in mid-June, out of service, had intervened to quell a fight and had been beaten by a group of foreignersi, did not receive even one euro more in the paycheck. Despite the injuries and the night in the hospital.

The affair involves a 51-year-old chief marshal operating at III Carabinieri Regiment Lombardy. That night of June 21 is in a bar in Piazzale Loreto. He is there for pleasure, he does not wear the uniform. At some point, however, a fight breaks out. The contenders give it for good reason. He is present and certainly cannot back down. He qualifies as a carabiniere, tries to quell the spirits. But eight or ten contenders surround him and massacre him barrel. They fly chairs, punches, kicks. Only his size allows him to get away with injuries to the face, head and hemithorax. But fortunately without worse consequences. From the beginning of the fight until 11.30, when he was discharged from the Fatebenefratelli where he had arrived in yellow code, about eight hours have passed. Eight hours that with a little common sense can be considered “service”, therefore to be paid. And instead, when the marshal received the paycheck, he was not seen to assign anything. As if he hadn’t worked that day. To protest against what he considers an injustice, the military turned to the New Carabinieri Syndicate (Nsc) who sent a fire letter to the general command of the carabinieri. If it is true that technically the marshal was not “commanded of service”, therefore not “on duty”, according to Nsc from the moment he qualified as a carabiniere he was to be considered operational. After all, “he would never have been on a hospital bed” if he had not decided to fulfill his duty. And then after exiting the Fatebenefratelli he also had to write the police record. In short: for working, he worked. Even if outside service. Expected recognition, perhaps allowances such as the festive presence, the night hours spent on a stretcher or the external presence. Not for the economic value itself – in all 30 euros gross – but for the moral one. Without considering that, if he hadn’t injured himself, in a few days he would have left for the Val di Susa and would have received the mission allowances. Money that does not hurt, especially when the salary is not runny fat.

The fact is that, according to what appears in the Giornale.it, it seems that at least the procedure to recognize him has been activated cause of service. Commendable act, for heaven’s sake. Colleagues, however, ask themselves: but why then were they not also paid those “three miserable allowances”? They are small change, but valuable. The unknown remains. And that question that is common to many soldiers: “But who makes us do it?”. Certainly not the 30 euro allowance.



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