Milazzo, Aurelio Visalli of the Coast Guard dead after rescue: missing since yesterday

An entire community, that of Milazzo (Messina), suffers from the death of a brave soldier, father of two children, who disappeared in the waves for having saved with his courage the lives of two children of 15 and 13 years who yesterday, rashly, they decided to take a swim, despite the harsh sea conditions and strongly discouraged. Aurelio Visalli, 40, second head at the Coast Guard Harbor Office of Milazzo, despite the rushing waves and the strong wind, yesterday morning did not hesitate to dive into the sea to rescue the two children, but did not have the strength to return ashore.

The searches

The searches continued throughout the day yesterday. This morning, with the first light of dawn, the vehicles of firefighters, navy, coast guard and police resumed patrolling the stretch of water in front of the western beach in the hope of spotting the man, swallowed by the waves during the rescue of one of the two kids who jumped into the sea yesterday despite the storm. Visalli’s body was found around 8 this morning in the sea in front of the so-called puntitta, where the searches had been concentrated.

I saw him as the waves carried him away

A witness of the facts recounted: I saw him as the waves carried him away. Helicopters and patrol boats, as well as ground operators, have monitored the coast for a long time. The hopes of finding the man alive were reduced to a flicker. The fury of the waves hindered the work of the rescuers, making navigation impossible. Then the tragic confirmation. Now the moment of mourning for Visalli’s family, who resided in Venetico with his wife and two children at an early age. The story shook the entire town of Milazzo, so much so that people waited on the beach for the results of the searches, which unfortunately ended with the discovery of the body.

The courageous intervention of Visalli

As a sign of respect, the candidates for mayor had stopped the initiatives for the electoral campaign, because the attention was all on the fate of the 40-year-old. According to the latest reconstructions, the two children, 15 and 13 years old, would have reached the beach around 9 yesterday morning with the intention of swimming. The punctual destination is also a destination for tests of courage by children, because from the rocks near the bay you can make reckless dives. It seems that the two teenagers have had some difficulties, but that one of them managed to return to shore while the other remained in the bale of the waves. The alarm was raised by some passersby who noticed the scene, immediately calling the coast guard. Three operators then arrived, including Visalli, who guided the boy still in the water towards a buoy by throwing him a life jacket. During the operations, the non-commissioned officer would have been swept away by a wave and carried away by the strong current.

The condolences of the ministers Guerini and De Micheli

The defense minister, Lorenzo Guerini, spoke on the episode: I express the closeness and condolences to the family and the Coast Guard of the second chief Aurelio Visalli, whose body was found at sea. died to save the lives of two bathers in difficulty in Milazzo. We remember him and all the people who put their commitment and their lives at the service of citizens and institutions. Thus the defense minister on the occasion of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the birth of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. Even the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Paola De Micheli joins the condolences: The outcome of the searches in the sea of ​​Milazzo is what we never wanted to learn. I want to convey all my affection to the family of Aurelio Visalli, who passed away while he was carrying out the noblest mission assigned to the Coast Guard: to save lives. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who was planning a visit to Milazzo, suspended it as a sign of mourning. We considered it right, out of respect for Aurelio and his family, to suspend the visit of Minister Luigi Di Maio, which was scheduled for today in Milazzo, writes Senator M5s, Barbara Floridia on Facebook. According to the program of today’s electoral tour in Sicily, Di Maio was supposed to meet the citizens of Milazzo in a bar in the afternoon, but this stage was suspended due to the tragedy that hit the Harbor Master’s Office. A veil of sadness fell on our area, which is why we felt it was our duty to suspend the minister’s visit, explains Senator Floridia. We are sorry and saddened by the tragedy that happened to the non-commissioned officer of the Port Authority – he continues – This pain reminds us of the profound sense of duty and the richness of humanity that lives inside many Italians, many of our neighbors, many fellow citizens.

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