“Milanese Imbruttita Brenda Lodigiani Jokes About Living in Chinatown on Rent and Refrains from Buying a House Due to High Costs”

Of Anna Gandolfi

Comedian and presenter, 35 years old, the face of the record clicking video clips: “Me and Germano Lanzoni act like imbruttiti but we come from Giargiania”. The hundred meters with the children in the morning and the housing dilemma: «But who will give me a mortgage?»

“It’s fourteen-zero-five.”

And zero four, but he’s right. Better turn yourself in: it’s late.
“Delay on call. We are not”.

Now let’s optimize. The interview begins.
“That’s better (ride). Then it’s not like I have to do who knows what. Nothing, actually. It’s just the natural aptitude for commitments and anxiety…».

Indeed, the agenda is busy. Brenda Lodigiani she is many things: presenter, presenter, dancer. But it is also the Imbruttita, the rampant Milanese in the video clips with Germano Lanzoni. Lodigiana, proudly transplanted to the metropolis, is back from the third edition of Lol – Whoever laughs is out, on Prime Video. We intercept it «between one call and another».

Is Imbruttita in with the commitments? Can she make it?
“I travel a lot these days. I am very happy both as a mother – I am not at home for a short time and the father takes care of our children, what a beauty – and at Imbruttita: meetings, travel, things. Bread for my teeth».

Finished Lol, what is he doing?
“I became a black belt in call. I make a mountain of it. It’s not simple: there is a code. Nice at the right point, right phrases at the right point.

That is to say?
«If you organize an event you say: I work there but the input has to come from you. A must. What does it mean? I do not know. The word synergy? I use it a lot and absolutely at random. My fiancé laughs when she hears me on call … ».

The Medal for Early Kindergarten

She is the mother of two children.
«5-year-old Olivia and 2-year-old Tobias. We are in the middle of the tunnel».

His recipe for reconciling work and family.
«At the moment there are one children in the nursery and one in the nursery so we are calm. With Federico (Teoldi, professional director of photography, ndr) we give each other an equal hand. Then I am privileged: now I have a very rich moment but I also spend months in which I am at home and I can dedicate myself to the little ones ».

Are they too ugly little ones?
«No, they took after their father, who is calm, calm. Of course, to be with me. I am agitated, moody, precise. I’m not a nice person.”

«Challenging, come on. He is a mediator.”

All gathered at the table for dinner if the world fell?
“Hand. If I have things to do I’m not there, ditto him. We are freelancers: if Federico happens to be away for a week, I’ll be there, and vice versa. I am 35, he is 38: we adore our children and we help each other in everything in managing the family».

An overpriced house

Where do you live?
«In the Paolo Sarpi area. For rent”.

Very hot topic, rentals in Milan.
«I have always lived in public housing in Lodi, my mother still lives there. When I tell you how much rent I pay here, you don’t understand how it can cost so much and how bravely I pay this amount every month. For the record: We’re not talking stellar rentals. But I hear you say: with that money you can get a mortgage. False: in Milan I can’t afford to buy a house!».

Something you don’t expect to hear from a well-known face on TV.
«But who is it that gives me a mortgage? The house I would like is a three-room apartment in the neighborhood where I already live, Chinatown: how much does it cost? Six hundred thousand euros? And who gives me the 100 percent mortgage? There is also the advance payment. In short: impossible to buy. Every now and then I reflect: it would be nice to leave something for the children. Then I think that my parents in economic terms have left me nothing (affectively very much) and what I have I came to get by myself, working. I am happy with the life I have and that I have conquered things. It is a great teaching to give to my children. I still remember the summer of 2006…».

What happened?
“With my first job at Disney Channel, I started paying for my driving license and then my car in installments. I bought a Ford Ka for two thousand euros. I was in Lodi, I leave the dealership, I go two kilometers and boom: the clutch breaks down. I was desperate. Dad intervened, had a hell of a time and the dealership fixed it for me ».

The accountant and the «secret» commercial

When did you realize that show business was your way?
“I’ve always been an easy-going little girl. I loved being the center of attention, starting with my parents. I enjoyed making them laugh and I knew I had a gift: a Tolla face. Initially I wanted to be a dancer, then I realized I wasn’t the best. I continued to study dance but keeping it as my moment».

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He taught it, though.
«That is fake news: I taught Pilates for ten minutes to the ladies of Rho. In the meantime, I was doing tryouts».

How were they doing?
“They never got me, except for some commercials.”

Have we seen it in any commercials?
“‘Stop sweating’! Mine is one of the armpits. Not the protagonist, I was in the group of those who, in the background, raised their arms and shouted the slogan. Maybe they even double-crossed me.”

At 18, he made his debut on the Disney Channel.
“Italy won the World Cup, I found a job, I bought the Ka and I graduated”.

Diplomata in?
“Accounting. I don’t even know the multiplication table of 5. I have a problem with the accounts».

Can you describe the aspiring accountant Lodigiani to us?
“A runaway from home. In class we were 25 women, what a hellish chaos. I would like to address from these columns to poor Professor Tore, of English. Prof, I’m sorry, we made you despair».

A role or a show that you will always remember?
«It was 2009. The first time I entered the study of Those who football I was amazed, incredulous. Lucia Ocone left and I was chosen. I repeated to myself: really? I’ve learned a lot: to be in a team, to be on the sidelines because it’s not your program, however you’re available, to go live. I played Arisa».

Giargiana and Imbruttiti

He worked with the Third Secret of Satire.
“I love them. Talented, open to dialogue, I enjoy collaborating with them».

With the Milanese Imbruttito team, he makes an avalanche of clicks.
“They’re fantastic too. In 2017 they call me: would you like to be the female alter ego of Germano Lanzoni? Yes! We sit down, write everything down. But then I got pregnant. It seemed a bit premature to be an ugly mother and they, very cute, waited for me. We started the following year».

And so it was that a Lodigiana became an ugly Milanese.
«The funny thing is that both Germano and I act like imbruttiti but we come from giargiania. Neither of them is from Milan. I from Lodi, he from a village like Brusaglio sul Verduro, unpronounceable (which is then Brusuglio, a fraction of Cormano, ndr)».

«I see Nino Frassica and call in sick»

Behind the scenes on the cast of Lol?
«When I saw Nino Frassica I said to myself: who do I think I am?».

Who was the most annoying?
«I’m very serene about this: the pain in the ass is Herbert (Ballerina, ndr). He started with puns from minute one and went on for six hours. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

A talent too.
“I quote: I studied for 40 years and hoped to spend six hours shooting nonsense (he used another term). Likeable and very dangerous as a competitor.

How did Milanese anxiety go on set?
«Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu entered the scene and I had a stroke (in the show the names of the challengers are not anticipated, ndr). We had worked together before: we know each of our weak points. But I say: blessed surprise effect. If I had known in advance that I had to measure myself against Nino Frassica, at least I would have called in sick».

Influencer profession

(Sound of people laughing in the background).
“Excuse me, it’s people who look at me and think I’m crazy: I’m in the street and I’m talking with the headset.”

But in Milan in 2023 everyone talks with a headset on the street.
“No, true. Maybe they recognized me.”

Are the fans stopping her?
Yes, for selfies. I ask you to put the filter because you know, I’m a professional influencer. Under Covid, only influencers worked and they got a lot of free stuff. I said to myself: damn it, why can’t I do it? Off with the parody on Instagram. Oh, it works: now the kits are reaching me too».

Have you ever met your “victims”?
«Diletta Leotta was surprising. She wrote to me, we met: she complimented me, self-deprecating and, I think, sincerely amused otherwise she would not have contacted me. Like her, Sveva Sagramola: yet my imitation does not in the least do justice to her special make-up. If I were her I would be very angry. I would have called: alright Bre’…».

Is Brenda Lodigiani touchy?
«I don’t dare to think how I would take it if they imitated me…».

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