Milan wants to extend Donnarumma’s contract, Raiola asks for these conditions


Gianluigi Donnarumma still discussing his new contract together AC Milan. Mino Raiola as the player’s agent asked for a new clause in his client’s contract. What is that?

Donnarumma’s contract is known to remain until 2021. Milan are trying to fence off their academy graduates with a new contract. One way is to increase the player’s salary.

Currently, Donnarumma is pocketing 6 million Euros per year. In the new contract, Il Corriere della Sera said the amount would increase to 7-8 million euros. Even so, it did not satisfy Raiola.

The man who is also the agent Zlatan Ibrahimovic it asks Milan to enter a value of Donnarumma’s release clause of 30 million Euros, should the Rossoneri fail to qualify for the Champions League in the coming seasons.

This is to make it easier for Donnarumma to move from the San Siro, and the club that is interested in the 21-year-old player does not need to be confused with the selling price offered by Milan. It is believed that the value of 30 million euros is not difficult to fulfill by big clubs in Europe Juventus, Real Madrid, or Paris Saint Germain though.

The clause that Raiola asked for was thought to be a way for Donnarumma not to continue to be at Milan if the team Stefano Pioli it can never compete at the top Italian League. Moreover, Donnarumma throughout his career has never appeared in the Champions League.

Donnarumma has been Milan’s main goalkeeper since 2015 and since 2018 has also been the main goalkeeper Italian national team. This season, he has appeared three times in Serie A and has yet to concede.

Milan also always wins and is now in second place in the standings with 9 points, the same as Atalanta at the top.

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