Milan, the city of design par excellence in Italy

Milan is still the city of fashion, but unlike the fame it had in the 90s, Milan today is the city of design par excellence in Italy. In recent decades, its fame of Capital of design it got stronger and stronger.

Thanks to the new architectural projects, new installations, new artists, the space for imagination left by the successive municipalities and by private companies that have invested in design and innovation.

For those interested in discovering this ultramodern side of the Lombard capital, there are some places in the city that fully summarize this urban concept and that absolutely must be seen.

Bosco Verticale and Unicredit Tower @ 123rf

When it was inaugurated, the Bosco Verticale, the greenest building in the metropolis (famous for its greyness due to concrete and winter fog) won the title of the most beautiful skyscraper in the world. But aesthetics are not everything. The two towers are home to over 800 trees and 19,000 plant essences that help absorb dust and smog and produce oxygen. It is still part, even today, of a larger urban recovery project that is still underway. It is one of the new symbols of Milan and should be in first place among modern attractions to visit.

In Garibaldi-Isola area, completely redeveloped in recent years, where the skyscraper is located, among other things there are some of the most representative buildings and places of the “new” Milan: the Unicredit Tower (with its 231 meters, the tallest skyscraper in Italy); the Diamond Tower, the tallest construction in metal bearing structure made in Italy; the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia and the BAM o park Library of trees in Milan.

However, fashion and design always travel hand in hand. Here then is one of the places to visit in Milan Prada Foundation, a skyscraper with a particular architecture made of exposed white concrete, which houses a foundation that promotes art, design, architecture and all the figurative arts. Each of the floors of the tower offers a different perception of the interior environments. On the panoramic terrace on the top floor you can enjoy a splendid view of the city.


The Prada Foundation building @ 123rf

In the beginning there was theAug, phylum and node. Design in Milan all started from here. The sculpture was inaugurated in 2000 to underline the link that this city has with fashion. The giant needle with the multicolored thread is threaded into one point of piazzale Cadorna and resurface in another point of the square with the final knot. It was one of the first installations that kicked off the numerous others that followed.


The famous sculpture “Needle, thread and knot” @ 123rf

Not far from here there is also one of the most innovative areas of Milan from an architectural point of view: CityLife, which once housed the old fair. Here the star stars such as the disappearance Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki fought on equal terms creating some of the most iconic buildings of today: the Hadid Tower (the “Crooked”), the Libeskind Tower (the “Curved”) and the Isozaki Tower (the “Straight”) .

The project of this slightly peripheral but absolutely trendy area not only includes buildings, but also a large pedestrian area, the largest in the city and one of the largest in Europe.


the CityLife @ 123rf neighborhood

As a tribute to design, one of the most important events in the world takes place every year in Milan, attracting many more visitors than fashion weeks do. In 2020, due to Covid, the Design Week it was postponed from April to the end of September. From 29 to 10 October, 350 events scheduled for Milano Design City 2020, in addition to the many private initiatives throughout the city, with presentations, installations, meetings and parties, in compliance with the anti Covid rules of course.

Among the unmissable events, the free visits to the Museum of Italian Design at the Triennale, the Fuorisalone in the streets of Brera, the visit of the Molino Sofia Design District, the new area dedicated to design between via Santa Sofia and via Molino delle Armi (in the center) and an aperitif based on Stella Artois beer on the special barge positioned on the Naviglio Grande, created with the aim of favoring physical distancing (but not social) during the typically Milanese happy hour ritual, thanks to a work of street art created on the floor of the boat.


The design barge on the Navigli @Press office


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