Milan Škriniar did not transfer. Žilina and Pohronie lost millions!

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Since July 2017, Milan Škriniar has been the most expensive Slovak in history. He transferred from Sampdoria Genoa to Inter Milan for 25 million euros. Last summer, he could more than double his own record. Slovak clubs could also benefit from it.

Inter had an offer from Paris Saint-Germain worth 60 million on the table. He demanded 10 million more, which caused the transfer to fail. If the Milanese weren’t greedy, they would have come up with good sums in Žilina and Pohroní as well.

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Of the 2.1 million, there will be nothing (for now).

According to FIFA rules, they were entitled to the so-called solidarity payments. They are divided between the clubs that participated in the education of the player between the ages of 12 and 23.

Solidarity payments represent 5% of the total amount for the transfer of the player. For the first four years (i.e. 12-15 years), clubs receive 5% per year of the total value of solidarity payments. For the remaining eight years (i.e. 16-23) they collect 10% each.

If Škriniar had transferred for 60 million last summer, solidarity payments would have amounted to 3 million. Of that, 2.1 million would belong to Slovak clubs.

At the age of 12 and 13, Škriniar was a player for Žiar nad Hronom. Dnešné Pohronie (formed by the merger of Žiar nad Hronom and Dolná Žďana) would collect 300,000 (2x 5% of 3 million). She raised Škriniara Žilina for the next seven years. She would receive a share of 1.8 million (2x 5% + 5x 10%).

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In January, Inter was willing to sell Škriniar for 20 million. If PSG complied with the request of the Milanese, the solidarity payments would amount to 1 million. Pohronie would receive 100,000, Žilina 600,000.

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Since Škriniar will go to PSG for free in the summer after the expiration of his contract with Inter, the solidarity payments are equal to zero. Pohronie and Žilina can still make money if Škriniar makes a big transfer from PSG in the future.

At least they made money on Kiwior

Thanks to solidarity payments, Žilina earned at least 25 million from the transfer of Polish stopper Jakub Kiwior from Spezia to Arsenal during the winter. Her share for two years of education is 250,000, Podbrezová received 125,000 for half the period. In addition, Žilina received percentages from further sales. According to Sport, 20%, i.e. 5 million.

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Trenčín steel for millions

Solidarity payments can bring a nice amount to Trenčín’s coffers in the near future. In the winter, the Spanish media speculated about Real Madrid’s interest in AS protégé Stanislav Lobotka. When he transferred from Celta Vigo to Naples for 21 million in January 2020, 630,000 landed under Čák Castle.

Interestingly, Košice were entitled to a similar amount when Nemanja Matič left Chelsea for Manchester United in July 2017 for 44.7 million.

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