Mike Pence and Kamala Harris argue over three meters …

Vice President Mike Pence (61) and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (55) are having their first and only debate today. With the recent corona infections in the White House, they are getting extra attention.

Normally, the debate between the vice presidential candidates is more of an afterthought in the run-up to the US presidential election. But with questions about the health of President Donald Trump, who has contracted Covid-19, the debate is gaining ground.

The pressure on Pence is great, since Joe Biden has been since the chaotic debate met president Trump increased its lead. The vice president must convince voters that he is ready to take over the presidency if necessary. In addition, he must defend Trump’s corona policy that has killed more than 210,000 Americans. Since being allowed to leave the hospital, Trump has been minimizing the danger of the virus. Does Pence follow him in this?

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, will also have to show that she can take on the role of president. Whoever wins the election will be the oldest president in American history to take the oath. Trump is currently 74, Joe Biden 77.

“This debate is different,” said Christopher Devine (University of Dayton), an expert in the vice presidency. Some people are concerned about Mike Pence and how he would perform when needed. And questions are asked whether Joe Biden can keep fit. ‘

Everything is set up for debate.

Photo: AFP


The committee that directs the presidential debates has announced several measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the debate. For example, the candidates will be nearly four meters apart instead of two meters. Plexiglass must also keep the candidates virus-free, although Pence’s team was initially against this. Trump may already have been infected with the coronavirus when he shared the stage with Joe Biden for the first presidential debate last week. Both Pence and Harris have now tested negative. The public must wear a mouth mask. Anyone who does not will be expelled.

The debate starts at 9 p.m. (3 a.m. in Belgium) at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. It will take ninety minutes and consists of nine parts. The moderator is Susan Page from USA Today.


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