Mikati forms a ministerial delegation that will head to Syria tomorrow

Prime Minister Najib Mikati has formed a ministerial delegation that will travel to Syria tomorrow to hold a series of meetings with Syrian officials to deal with humanitarian affairs and the repercussions of the devastating earthquake that occurred in several regions in Syria, and the Lebanese capabilities available to assist in the areas of relief.
The delegation includes Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Abdullah Bou Habib, Public Works and Transportation Ali Hamiyah, Social Affairs Hector Hajjar, Agriculture Abbas Hajj Hassan, Secretary General of the High Relief Commission Major General Muhammad Khair, and Director of Medical Care at the Ministry of Health Dr. Joseph Helou.
Today, contacts took place between the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Abdullah Bouhabib, and Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamieh, and it was agreed to form a ministerial delegation to go to Damascus as an expression of standing by Syria in light of the difficult circumstances it is going through, as a complementary step with the Lebanese mission that was decided to be dispatched. To assist in humanitarian relief operations, as well as with the decision of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to open Lebanese air and sea facilities to companies and agencies that transport aid to Syria.
Yesterday, the Council of Ministers decided to assign the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamiyah, to communicate with the brothers in Syria, and to put all available capabilities for humanitarian assistance in search and rescue operations, and others.
Today, the prime minister held a series of meetings and gatherings at the Grand Serail.
In this context, he received Representative Tony Franjieh, who stressed “the importance of Lebanon standing by Turkey and Syria after the catastrophic earthquake that hit them, especially on the side of the Syrian state, which must be dealt with by various countries with the catastrophe that befell it from a humanitarian perspective in order to preserve people’s lives and their right to life.” life”.
He also stressed “the need to expedite the election of a president who will get the country out of the successive economic and political crises it is going through, and which the government is trying through the sessions it holds in accordance with the principle of extreme necessity to mitigate its impact by providing some possible and available solutions.”
President Mikati received Representative Qassem Hashem, who said after the meeting: “We discussed all political, economic and social issues and developments in light of the continuation of our crises, which have become clear and affect all the lives of the Lebanese. We stressed the need for the government to follow up on its role, confirming its national and constitutional duty to serve the interests of the people and run the state’s affairs.” And this is what the government is doing through its sessions, as there is a need to follow up on all people’s issues, especially in this exceptional circumstance that requires alleviating the suffering and pain of people.
He added, “There is a responsibility on everyone to proceed with understanding and consensus among the Lebanese, because this is the nature of the country and the structure of the system in it, which is based on consensus among all its components. Therefore, what is required today is a national understanding at all levels in order to reach the regularity of the work of institutions, starting with the election of the presidency in accordance with Understanding, consensus, discussion and national dialogue are the easiest ways out of the crisis.
He continued: “We also discussed with the Prime Minister issues of concern to people, including what is related to the owners of real estate occupied by the international forces in the south and who have not received their dues for about ten years or more, so we hoped that his state would take measures and make contacts that facilitate access to these rights, and this is something.” natural”.
President Mikati received MP Ahmed Al-Khair and discussed with him the current political situation.
President Mikati also received a delegation from the Association of Banks, who explained to him the reasons that prompted the banks to announce the strike.

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